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  project name ~ Pilot Fellowship for Kamayani Swami

category ~ Jeevansaathi




  Project Name


Pilot Fellowship for Kamayani Swami



Jeevansaathi Program










  Budget Approved


$ 3000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Prem Jayaraman


College Park









Kamayani is a dedicated AID milwaukee volunteer and is applying for AID Pilot fellowship. Ms Swami proposes to work in Bihar comprehensively reporting on the status/ issues and comparing it to the HBP work in Tamil Nadu. The second part is to idetify a community/block to understand governance and right to information issues.





Report has been completed and is available at http://docs.aidindia.org/intranet/Documents/Jeevansaathis/Kamayani/HBP Report(2006)/Report_final_ka_latest19dec.pdf http://docs.aidindia.org/intranet/Documents/Jeevansaathis/Kamayani/HBP Report(2006)/Appendix_final_19dec.pdf





· Do a comprehensive documentation of the work being done in Bihar as part of the HBP · Do a comparative study of HBP work in Tamil Nadu and Bihar to find the reasons underlying the gaps in the two states in terms of progress of the HBP · Find ways in which HBP work in Bihar could make up lost ground may be focus on a single village cluster and see if i can help with ongoing work to try and work through the common problems identified as hindrances to progress of the programme in the study · Get a feel of readiness of local volunteers and local people to involve with issues such as (in areas where the HBP is ongoing and other areas of Bihar outside the HBP-BGVS fold) : 1- Governance - like level of functioning of the local government, transparency and accountability of the local government officials and political representatives etc. 2- Access to resources - like water, food -Public Distribution system (PDS), health, education 3- Access to information on various public issues like health, education, developmental works



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