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  project name ~ Cattle Powered Electric generator and inverter

category ~ rural development and environment




  Project Name


Cattle Powered Electric generator and inverter



HALE (Haritha Assoc for Learning from Environ..



rural development and environment






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


$ 500


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Vasundhara Puttagunta







Bullock-cart with generator and batteries





The idle cattle can be used to run an electric generator, which in turn charges a battery system. An inverter would then run on the battery system supplying electric power to our institute for a grinder, a refrigerator, an exhaust fan all in the kitchen and for lighting and fans in the students dormitory.
We plan to document the economics of the system while using the cattle power from oxen, milk yielding cows and buffaloes and their young ones.
The track for the cattle to go round and the geared system to couple the slow rotary motion of the cattle to the electrical generator would be custom built.
Also built would be a battery charger and an inverter along with the necessary control and monitoring panels.





Have successfully demonstrated the power generation ..





The cattle powered Electric generator and inverter primarily aims to demonstrate the economic feasibility of generating electric power using the idle cattle power. A bane of rural India is the under employment both for men and cattle. And this demonstration project would illustrate how this idle cattle power could be harnessed with far reaching economic, environmental and social benefits. The potential of the total power generating capacity is truly tremendous it runs into power levels of several tens of thousands of mega watt in the entire country. With the expected advances in the storage battery technologies, this could be one of the serious contenders for sustainable and eco-friendly technologies. Particularly interesting would be the ease with which this technology could be distributed over the entire nook and corner of the country. Coupled with the advances in the electric vehicle technologies, it would be singularly attractive to see the slow moving cattle power transformed into fast moving electric auto-mobile power (bicycles and tricycles included) with out ever having to burn an ounce of oil in the rural India.



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