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  project name ~ VK Vidyapith proposal

category ~ education - child




  Project Name


VK Vidyapith proposal



VKARTS (Vijay Krishna Ashram Relief Trust Soc..



education - child



Ramchandrpur District



West Bengal

  Budget Approved


$ 2000


  Year Approved







1   2  

  Chapter Coordinators


Komudi Singh












Sri Vijay Krishna Ashram Relief Trust Society was established in 1967 in West Bengal. It mainly works in the areas of health and education.

For the proposed project, VKART Society requires $5000/ year for 3 years to upgrade its existing school into a secondary level formal education and vocational training school. Dr Gautam Banerjee has done the site visit and found the proposal for upgradation worth.

Out of these $13,200 will be for building construction and $1,800 will be for basic education materials and meals for 3 years. AID-Columbus and Asha Arizona each is supposed to provide $2000 /year each for 3 years. Dr Gautam Banerjee and Dr Arundhati Banerjee will contribute the remaining @ $1000/ year for 3 years. Recurring funding from the various donors which the Ashram receives, will be the means of continuing the project after current funding.





Project was approved on march 10, 2006.





Immediate goal is to construct a new building in the VK Vidyapeth where all classes can be held together. Upgrading this school with both formal secondary level and vocational education will be the long term solution to promote educational awareness in the nearby villages and to fulfill the staff requirements of the Hospital/Ashram. These trained people will also act as paramedics in providing first aid services to the villagers in their villages.



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