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  project name ~ Disaster preparedness in Flood prone Kiratpur Block

category ~ relief and rehabilitation




  Project Name


Disaster preparedness in Flood prone Kiratpur Block



CHARM (Centre for Health and Resource Managem..



relief and rehabilitation







  Budget Approved


$ 5000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Anbumani Subramanian
kamayani swami











North-Bihar is one of the most flood prone areas in India. 17 per cent of countryís total flood areas fall in Bihar. Frequent changes of river courses have made Bihar more vulnerable to floods. 37 per cent of Biharís total area is vulnerable to flood where as 76 per cent of North-Bihar is prone to flood. 61 per cent of the catchments area of rivers of Bihar lies in Tibet and Nepal. Bihar was badly affected by floods last year as well. It had marooned 19 districts (Out of 37 districts) of Bihar, severely affecting 21 million people out of total 80 million population of Bihar. Officially more than 750 people had died and thousand of cattle had perished in that flood. Once the water level started receding the sanitary conditions worsened. Almost all the sources of drinking water got polluted and people were forced to eat what ever was available. In addition to this they had no physical protection as well. It resulted in to high morbidity and mortality.

The idea of the project is to make a Kiratput block in Durbhanga district be flood prepared (as its difficult to get timely help to this place every year). The aim is to decrease the mortality and morbidity rate by helping the villages be prepared for the floods and make available the relief supplies in the time of need.





In August September, 16 Swasthya Mitras are carrying out meetings in their own panchayats and treating basic ailments. A detailed report can be seen in the documents section - Follow_up_report_2 1 st training of 26 village health volunteers at Kiratpur block, Darbhanga district completed - SWASTHYA MITRAíS TRAINING WORKSHOP ON WATER/ SANITATION/ HEALTH/ HYGEINE (WASHH) DURING FLOODS. These VHAs will carry out trainings Community/Mothersí meeting on WASHH/ RCH to be held at 37 places on fixed date/ fixed venue in tolas (hamlets)/ villages every month for 3 months (ongoing) . medicine depots to pre-position medicines during time of water logging set up in 8 panchayats





To minimise the morbidity and mortality caused by flood and water logging in the project area. To develop capacity of the community to address the health issues in the flood affected area. Ensuring pre-positioning of medical supplies in the project area. To ensure medical relief to the flood affected population



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