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  project name ~ Peter Bakos Saathiship

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  Project Name


Peter Bakos Saathiship



AID India










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$ 0


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  Chapter Coordinators


Srihari Dukkipati
Swati Agiwal


San Diego










This project supports the saathiship for Peter Bakos - an AID-Orissa volunteer - who will be coordinating the work in the AID Rural Technology Resource Center at the Jagannath Institute of Technology and Management (JITM) in Gajapati Dt, Orissa.

Contact info for Peter: pete.aidorissa@gmail.com;





Peter has so far worked extensively in Orissa for the last 4 years training artisans in bamboo and other handicraft work. Prior to that, Peter was master trainer at Academy of Developmental Sciences (ADS) in Karjat Dt, Maharashtra





Through this saathiship it is hoped that AID and AID Orissa will be able to make advances in research/develop appropriate rural technologies; motivate college students to think about real life developmental problems and foster development around the JITM campus - Motivate college students to interact and serve in the nearby villages



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