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  project name ~ BioGas - Sustainable Energy Security

category ~ Alternate Energy




  Project Name


BioGas - Sustainable Energy Security



Vigyan Ashram



Alternate Energy







  Budget Approved


$ 2200


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Kavita Karandikar







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The project aims to achieve partial independence in energy requirements using de-oiled seed cakes for Vigyan Ashram at Village Pabal, District Pune. The ashram uses kerosene as cooking fuel and MSEB power for all its activities. The project aims at providing an assured alternative energy supply at lower cost. Vigyan Ashram also runs a Telemedicine facility for rural patients and Wireless Internet Kiosks in a 25km radius of Pabal. The current 10-12 hr load shedding is creating problems in providing these services. This Wireless Internet facility will also be powered by the electricity generated from the bio gas plant.

Both Gauri and Rishi felt that the BioGas plant will help alleviate some of the power problems experienced by the Ashram. It will provide great benefit to the computer and Internet center of the ashram, in addition to helping ashram conduct its educational program smoothly without interruptions.

In terms of AIDs culture and philosophy, both of them felt that the ashrams core values and goals are inline with those of AID. It has no religious or political affiliations and is built on strong foundations that AID also believes in.

Moreover, Rishi feels that AID and Vigyan Ashram can continue to work together in the future, outside the BioGas plant. The newly formed Rural technology group in AID can learn a lot from the ashram and can partner with it to develop new, innovative technologies for the rural masses.





Center of Bits and Atoms of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, install a FAB LAB at Vigyan Ashram. FAB LAB is a collection of set of computer operated fabrication tool, which empowers you to almost makes anything ! A survey in the area, of 25 kms around Pabal showed tha ta large number of Poultries, Workshops and other small enterprises started by ex-ashramites, our old students and staff. Many of the ashram students have started their own enterprises. All these enterprises are with own or bank funding. For more information about the NGO and the project please click on the following links. http://www.vigyanashram.com/html/page.htm http://studentorgs.utexas.edu/aidaustin/projects/BioGas/biogas.html





a.Provide assured electricity supply at low cost. b.Provide biogas for cooking and heating water. c.Maximum utilization of local natural resources. d.Local employment and empowerment. e.Savings and self reliance/



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