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  project name ~ 2005GujaratShortTermFlood Relief

category ~ Relief-Monsoons-2005




  Project Name


2005GujaratShortTermFlood Relief













  Budget Approved


$ 5000


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Sunita Mani







Distribution of Relief material in Lothpur





Short term flood relief work in various villages in Amreli district- which witnessed 612.55 mm rainfall just within 6 days, with Rajula having highest rainfall of 1000 mm. Rain began to pour in from 27 of June and went on incessantly till 3rd July. The rainfall of the entire season was crossed over in just six days.





Initially a survey team was formed which had members from Utthan in the presence of Panchayat members and members of the villages. Collectively outcomes from the survey were shared among team members and Panchayat, affected families were identified. The kit with the following components for one family for 10 to 12 days was prepared and distributed to 649 victims. This kit has been made comprehensively with support extended from various organizations. (OXFAM, AID, AIF). Utthan along with Citizenís Initiative and government is working out the future plan for rehabilitation with given resources and capabilities.





Provide primary support kits to the affected: The primary support kit comprises of three major basic needs. Food, vessels and groceries: The food quantity proposed is expected to sustain a family of 5- 6 members for a week. During this period the families may be able to start agriculture labour work and earn some living. Some vessels also will be required for cooking. To promote the habit of hygienic drinking water- a ladle also will be put in the kit. We have experienced that peppermints being concentrated source of calories, it helps in sustaining in cases of emergencies. The danger of rains still not being out, that also has been incorporated in the kit. Clothes, and tarpoline sheet: As most of the families have lost everything, we propose that the kit also will have a pair of cloths. In this area, women generally do not wear undergarments but to promote this positive habit two pairs of womenís knickers will be put in the kit. Women specific needs: Women in this region do not use anything for menstrual cycle or use cloths. Hence, 5 pieces of gauzed cotton pads will be put in the kit. Moreover, knickers and other sanitation needs also have to be looked after in the primary support kit. Process for relief support: A storeroom will be rented in one of the villages. All the material will be collected here and the Village level Committee representatives will conduct need assessment, prepare primary support kits and distributed to the affected people.



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