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  project name ~ Mobility training support for visually impaired women

category ~ Livelihood Generation




  Project Name


Mobility training support for visually impaired women



Prerana Resource Centre



Livelihood Generation







  Budget Approved


Rs 272000


  Year Approved







   2   3      5   6  

  Chapter Coordinators


Shivakumar Jolad
Amarjeet Singh


Los Angeles










The proposed project is to get financial support for the short stay hostel for visually impaired women run by Prerana Resource Centre. The following paragraph outlines the need for the project:

A large members of Blind/ Disabled Teen girls from various parts including rural areas are approaching for jobs. The Organization has experienced that the employers of industries/ factories prefer only experienced candidates. Hence providing training for the job to the disabled is a must. to provide them a means of livelihood. Rural Blind/ Disabled teen age girls have no facilities to stay during their training period . Hence there is a need for running the short-stay home for a batch of 60 candidates for 6 months on continuous basis.

Funding requested from AID-SC chapter is regarding Maruthi van for mobility of Blind persons of Prerana





Funds will be disbursed soon. Achivements of the current project will be posted soon. The achievement of the NGO so far is listed in NGO profile.





The objectives behind running the short stay hostel facility are: To provide a short stay home facility for the visually impaired and other disabled teen age girls from different rural parts to enable them to get suitable training in and around Bangalore To develop mobility skills for the needy visually impaired to enable them for independent living To provide short stay facility for 6 months to a batch to enable to get on the Job Training at various Industries so as to have disabled/blind girls a right to employment During the period of their short stay to develop the skills of Independent living and group living. To infuse confidence and courage to take any given task during training and after placement by providing orientation To continue short stay home facilities to the rural blind/disabled teen age girls in batches of 6 month period on continuous basis. The ultimate objective is to provide facility and security during training and make the disabled teen age girls suitable in all respect to have a right to employment needed.



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