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  project name ~ Comprehensive Economic Development through Self Help

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


Comprehensive Economic Development through Self Help



Relief Organization for Handicapped



Community Empowerment






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


$ 4000


  Year Approved







1   2   3  

  Chapter Coordinators


Venkatesh Krishnan












"Disabled persons development through group formation" was proposed by an NGO called Relief Organization for Handicapped, Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh. The basic goals of this project is to identify disabled people in and around Anantpur dist., form self help groups (SHGs) containing the disabled people and their families, provide skill-training activities that would help the group members lead independant living, provide basic education to children of familes in the SHGs and more. This project mainly requires monetary support and the proposed amount is Rs. 6 lakhs.





- Completed about 14 projects sponsored by charitable organizations worldwide - Worked with international organizations like GIVE foundation, CBR International etc. - Has member strength of about 35 including full-time staff,volunteers and few part-time staff. ROH volunteer base keeps expanding near Anantpur - Has tie-ups with Indian organizations like CAPART, NABARD etc. See attached uploaded document titled "Past acvitities/projects handled by the NGO"





1) To faciliate socio-economic development of disabled people in Anantpur district, Andhra Pradesh 2) To support economic activities through formation of self help groups 3) To provide basic education for disabled children



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