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  project name ~ Video Documentation Project

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  Project Name


Video Documentation Project



Community Awareness Centre (CAC),










  Budget Approved


$ 600


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Raju Patil











Ritu Sogani has been working on the issue of promoting peoples knowledge in health, agriculture, forestry etc. in Uttaranchal since 1998. In this project, Reetu plans to acquire equipment for a "Video Documentation Project" which will be an attempt at audio-visual documentation of traditional knowledge.





AID-Saathi Reetu Sogani has been active in promoting people''s knowledge in health, agriculture, forestry etc. in Uttaranchal since 1998. She and other former employees of Sahyog, UP have set up the Community Awareness Center (CAC) in Nainital dt., Buniyaad in Almora dt. and Adhaar, a documentation group to work on these issues.





CAC, Buniyaad and Adhaar hope to increase their efforts in documenting and advocating for people''s knowledge. As a first step, Reetu Sogani of CAC will train some volunteers working with her in the basics of video recording with the video camcorder acquired under this project. The volunteers will then decide what they would like to shoot and then shoot the footage on mini DV tapes. Reetu Sogani will send the tapes to AID-Pittsburgh where a couple of volunteers have volunteered to edit and produce a DVD from this footage and send the DVD back to Reetu Sogani. She plans to use this DVD for two purposes: (a) To highlight the work of CAC at various forums and (b) As a first step in teh process of audio-visual documentation of people''s knwoledge.



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