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  project name ~ Cycle Bank

category ~ Rural Development and Environment




  Project Name


Cycle Bank



ANT (Action NorthEast Trust)



Rural Development and Environment







  Budget Approved


$ 6100


  Year Approved







1   2     

  Chapter Coordinators


Shivkumar Jolad


College Station
San Diego










The NGO, ANT (Action Northeast Trust), was established in 2001 and is committed in working towards sustainable development in rural villages of North east Inida. This includes working on issues of health, women empowerment, information livelihood and making people aware of their rights from the government.

This project is proposed as another means to provide both independence and empowerment to women by providing them a means of easy transport.

The project is aimed at rural women who need to travel far distances to go to the town for basic activites like selling their products, visiting the bank or visiting the doctor.

NGO has been able to achieve various goals as per the plans. During the year 2006 - 55 cycles have been bought and given to villagers on easy repay loans. 18 cycle camps and 6 cycle races were held to encourage participation.





The project was kick started early Feb 2006 as planned. During the year 2006, various activites have been completed: (1) A cycle shed cum office for the NGO has been built. (2) A total of 55 cycles have been bought by the NGO and distributed to villagers or Jagruti groups on easy monthly instalment loans. (3) 50% of the loans have already been recovered. The recovered loan is being used to add more cycles. (4) 18 cycle training camps have been held. (5) 6 cycle race have been held and final race was conducted successfully with participation of more than 250 people from various vilalges.





This projetcs main aims are to provide 1) cycles to women on a loan till they are able to pay off their loan and own the cycle. The cycles will be rented after easy down payments after which the women will pay easy monthly installments to cover the rest. 2) provide cycle riding lessons to women who do not know to cycle.3) provide a means to make women feel more independent and an easier way to support their daily means of earning and other activities that involve travelling which inturn will encourage them to venture into more self sustainble activities.



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