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  project name ~ Rescue and Rehabilitation of sexually exploited minors from trafficking

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


Rescue and Rehabilitation of sexually exploited minors from trafficking



Odanadi Seva Samsthe



Community Empowerment







  Budget Approved


Rs 387000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Rajeev Soneja
Om Damani
Radhika Rammohan


San Diego









Odanadi Seva Samsthe is a social organisation situated in Mysore. For the past 10
years, it has been working for the rescue, rehabilitation and
empowerment of the victims of commercial sexual exploitation. It
also runs a home for the rescued children of both the children of
prostituted and rescued from the trafficking networks to make them
self reliant through education and vocational training.

-contact at NGO:
Ramesh Dodamani (Odanadi) rdodamani@hotmail.com 91-821-2410195

Address of the project :
Odanadi Seva Samsthe
S R S Colony , Hootagally Village,
Belawadi Post, Mysore
Mysore District,
Karnataka, India - 571 186





Odanadi has rescued over 400 girls and young women victims trafficked for purposes of prostitution, bonded labour and domestic slavery. Their residential school caters to around 80-100 children who are minors rescued from trafficking, or children of rescued women. They have rehabilitated and counselled hundreds of trafficking victims. Theirs is now a model rehabilitation center and they have emerged as one of India''s best known NGOs working on this issue. Their rehabilitation, vocational training, and their promotion of activities like skits, drama, music, art, yoga and play as means of rehabilitation always keep the children and their needs in focus. They are also recognized as an agency working on policy change and sensitization of officialdom in trafficking issues.





To prevent women and children from being trafficked for unlawful and immoral purposes. - To organise the prostituted into a vocal group fighting against exploitation, and facilitate their empowerment and rehabilitation. - To create a mass movement against trafficking in the source areas. - To integrate the trafficked children and the children of exploited women into the mainstream and make them self-reliant through counseling, education and vocational training. - To rescue women and children forced into prostitution and expose the unholy nexuases in the flesh trade. - To assist in the prevention of rural-urban migration, which is a major contributor or urban prostitution. - To eradicate the social taboo and rejection through sensitization of various social and peer groups. - To expose human rights violations against women and children in all sections of society. - To provide support to women and children affected by domestic violence and other socio-economic problems. - To combat child labour including domestic slavery, which is one of the contributor to sex trafficking.



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