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  project name ~ Large Dams in NE India - Capacity building

category ~ Peoples Rights




  Project Name


Large Dams in NE India - Capacity building



RVC (Rural Volunteer Center)



Peoples Rights







  Budget Approved


$ 5683


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sunita Dubey











The proposal aims to generate awareness campaigns and organize capacity building workshops on environmental governance for the local communities and groups. Such activities would be started in the Brahmaputra basin in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and in limited areas of Nagaland in the first phase. All these activities will be implemented in collaboration with local groups and communities and other support organizations.

There is also an urgent need to bring together various groups and community representatives on the above issues and develop an effective north east level network and then link that to the national and international networks. The proposal also aims to address the north easts need for effective coordination amongst the grassroot groups working with the people on the above issues.


The Indian state has identified 8 states of North East India as future power house of India and is all set to construct 168 dams to generate 63328 MW hydro electric power in Brahmaputra River Basin predominantly inhabitating by indigenous people.

These proposed dams and hydro power projects pose a challenge to the ecology of the North East India and the livelihood of its people. Unfortunately the government has not successfully implemented a democratic and participatory process while formulating the hydro policy for the North East India.

River Basin Friends is a chapter of RVC is involved with popular campaigns with people in their struggle to acquire right over natural resources.










1. Conduct workshops to educate the grass root groups and communities on policies guiding mega hydro electric power projects, environmental governance in India, legal remedies and documentation 2. Coordination and Working Group meetings involving participants from all the groups working on issue of mega dams in North east India for networking 3. Developing tools for campaigning



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