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  project name ~ Samaj Shilpis in Rajasthan

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Samaj Shilpis in Rajasthan



RIM (Rejuvenate India Movement)SMU (Seva Mandir Udaipur)



Community Empowerment







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$ 2850


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Group meeting for National Environment Awareness Campaign





Seva Mandir currently has six Samaj Shilpis in Rajasthan. They work in six panchayats (close to 19 villages) in Mavli block in Udaipur district. The idea is to select one individual from a village and have him or her play the role of an “activist” in the villages which form the panchayat that his/her village falls under. In short, the Samaj Shilpis bring awareness of rights amongst people; keep a check on corruption and develop an understanding of development needs in the villages. More details can be found at the gallery http://www.aidindia.org/new/index.php?set_albumName=samaj-shilpi&option=com_gallery&Itemid=126&include=view_album.php





A brief of list of achievement of some of the Samaj Shilpis in Rajasthan: HIMMAT SINGH CHAUHAN, NURDA Ø Review of RIM activities done on presentation of report by the Samaj Shilpi. The RIM official saw the newly constructed Kheli (water trough for animals), which was constructed with the help of Mahaveer International. He also discussed with villagers and gave necessary instructions to keep the Kheli filled up with water regularly by maintaining cleanliness. Ø A “Samasya Samadhan” camp has been organized at Nurda. The Samaj Shilpi extended necessary help to villagers in getting the conversion applications filled up and also getting copies of documents related to their land from the Revenue Office. Other related documents were also made available to them including allotment of land for a play ground for the Primary School of village Rathana. Ø Members of Swami Vivekananda Seva Nyas, Udaipur distributed stainless steel plates for mid-day meals, glass, water tank, etc. to the school children of Rajiv Gandhi Pathshala of Bhagal, Bidon ka Kuda and Moti Khedi and a Primary School of Choti Khedi. The Samaj Shilpi initiated and approached the Nyas members to extend necessary help to the poor school going children. The materials were distributed in a function along with the RIM official attended by the Principals and teachers of respective schools and the villagers. Ø A meeting of the villagers was organized in the village Rathana on 13th January 2005 regarding Panchayat Election. The Samaj Shilpi put forth his opinion before the villagers and told them that election of Panch and Sarpanch should be unanimous besides candidate should be educated, honest and practical and that they should keep themselves away from party politics. Ø A district level workshop on National Environment Awareness Campaign was organized in Seva Mandir, Udaipur. Samaj Shilpi initiated actively and approached the Principals of educational institutions of Gram Panchayat Nurda and nominated two teachers to participate in the campaign who were sent to Seva Mandir for training on environment. Ø In the Gram Sabha meeting held on 22/2 at Gram Panchayat Nurda, the Samaj Shilpi put forth the proposals of developmental works in villages Piproli, Nurda and Rathana. He also brought before the villagers about the unsatisfactory work done by the Sarpanch and the inconveniences being faced by the villagers and demanded immediate relief should be given to them. He requested the Sarpanch and the Gram Secretary to intervene in the matter of drought relief works and that labors engaged for this work should be engaged on rotation basis. Ø Records of Income & Expenditure account of S.H.G. (Self Help Group) provided to the Gram Secretary and all relevant information was given to him. He was also requested to pass on necessary instructions to open an account in the bank, which he assured to be done at the earliest. Ø The Samaj Shilpi took active initiation in a door-to-door campaign in Piproli, Rathana and Palana Khurd for the Kisan Mela to be organized in village Palana Kala from 15th March to 16th March along with the Agriculture Supervisor. Necessary information regarding better cultivation by use of spray and drop irrigation method and use of farm implements and grants given by the government for their purchase, etc. were given to the villagers. Ø Attended a meeting of School Development Management Committee on 21/3 at Palana Khurd under “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan”. The objective of the campaign is to send children to school regularly, provide them nutrition food, keep watch on their health, maintain cleanliness in the school premises, repair and furniture, etc. Necessary financial help also sought for the development of school building and other allied jobs. Ø Attended monthly Gram Panchayat meeting on 5/4 at Nurda. Matters related to maintenance of different school building in the area taken up and resolution passed for construction wherever needed, distribution of Ration Cards simplified, provision of drinking water trough (Kheli) for animals, laborers engaged for Drought Relief Works put on rotation basis. A resolution also passed regarding irregularities of the local Patwari. Ø A person belonging to BPL family of Rathana had a burn case. The Samaj Shilpi contacted with Chittorgarh Police regarding necessary formalities, etc. He also took the person to Udaipur General Hospital for treatment where he is now recovering. Ø The Samaj Shilpi with the help of Samaj Shilpi of Mandap Shri Bhanwar Singh Rathore assisted in sending 2 men and 1 woman of Rathana to Alakh Nayan Eye Hospital, Udaipur for eye treatment. FATEHLAL JAT, VARNI Ø Attended training on “Illiterate Women’s Education” at village Bharodi and did door to door campaign to pursue the village women to attend it. Total 25 women have learnt how to read and sign. Ø Names of villagers of village Varni have been added in the Voter’s List in a Gram Sabha Meeting. Ø The Samaj Shilpi initiated up gradation of a Primary School in village Rodi to Middle level with the help of villagers. Application for this purpose has been moved to the local MLA who approved it. The MLA did inauguration of the school on 22/12. Ø Attended a district level workshop on National Environment Awareness Campaign at Seva Mandir along with two teachers of Khema Kheda and Rodi. For participation in the national campaign, necessary form got filled by them and submitted at Seva Mandir. Ø Attended Republic Day function at village Rodi and arranged distribution of sweets to the children with the contribution of local people. Ø Panchayat Varni has 9 Wards and villagers were told to elect the Ward Panch who is educated. The Samaj Shilpi visited families of Bhil community and advised them to elect a Sarpanch from their community who is educated so that he can contribute for the development of the area. Ø Informed Villagers of Ghasa about the Eye Camp to be held on 28/2 and helped the patients to get cured. Similarly, the Samaj Shilpi helped eye patients in an eye camp organized at village Mandap by Alakh Nayan Eye Hospital, Udaipur. Ø The Meghwal community of village Rodi have been persuaded to open a joint savings group which has now 10 members and their account has been opened in SBBJ, Mavli Branch. Ø The Samaj Shilpi helped one member of Bhil family and 4 persons, a girl and took them personally to Udaipur General Hospital for treatment. Ø Application for opening a Primary School at Bhoradi (Kada) village was handed over to local MLA Shri Shanti Lal Chaplot which he approved and now the work of construction of room is under progress. NATHU SINGH KITAWAT Ø The Samaj Shilpi initiated construction of a Kheli (water trough) with the help of villagers in Bhagal Waghnada of Panchayat Bhimal. The Mahaveer International has extended help of 2300/- for construction of this Kheli for which RIM official has approached them. The effort of Samaj Shilpi will benefit 200 families living around. Ø The Samaj Shilpi initiated distribution of 35 Nos. sweaters, 50 Nos. Steel plates for taking mid-day meal, 2 Nos. of Steel glasses, nail cutter, etc. for the school children of Rajiv Gandhi School of Man Mathara in Panchayat Bhimal which has been donated by the members of Swami Vivekananda Seva Nyas, Udaipur. Ø The Samaj Shilpi initiated matter regarding digging of a new hand pump in Vagnada Basti for which the local MLA has given sanction. Site for digging the hand pump has been selected in consultation with the villagers. Ø The Samaj Shilpi extended necessary help in release of installment, which were due for payment to the BPL Families of Bhimal and Wangroda under the Indira Avas Yojna. The Government gives grant up to Rs 25000/- for such families but the concerned Sarpanch lingered this issue on. The Samaj Shilpi took up the matter with the Sarpanch and the Secretary and succeeded in getting the cheque issued for grant money. Ø Forms related to National Environment Awareness Campaign got filled up by the two teachers of the area who have given their choice of work. Ø The Samaj Shilpi took active interest in Panchayat Elections and held a meeting of villagers. He told them to elect a person who is literate and cares for the development of the village. He requested the villagers to elect Smt. Geeta Devi Charan who has studied up to class VI in comparison to others who can only sign but these people wanted to contest the election with money power which will not prove fruitful results in future to the society. Ultimately, Smt Geeta Devi Charan won the election. Ø The Samaj Shilpi helped in shifting of a woman of the village who had a complicated delivery case. He also arranged blood for her operation but she died after the operation. Similarly, he helped in submitting file with the Electricity Board for a family who had applied for connection for tube well which was held up due to intervention by another group. Ø The Alakh Nayan Eye Hospital, Udaipur organized a free eye check up Camp in Mandap village. The Samaj Shilpi did a door-to-door campaign and informed the villagers who are suffering from eye problems to avail the opportunity and get treatment. Ø The Principal of Primary School of Bhimal informed the Samaj Shilpi that mid day mid-day meal is not provided to the children. He took up the matter with the Sarpanch. The Samaj Shilpi along with the Sarpanch and the Deputy Sarpanch reached the school. The Secretary who was in charge of mid-day meal accepted his fault and immediately arranged for the mid-day meals of the children. KAMLENDRA TAK, PALANA KHURD Ø Under the auspices of District Literacy Cell, Udaipur the Samaj Shilpi organized an Illiterate Women Camp from 1/12 to 15/12. He did door to door campaign and persuaded women of the village to avail this opportunity. Two trained teachers imparted the training, which has been attended by 25 women participants. Ø A one-day training on “Hand Pump Repairing” for all motivators of Continuous Education Centers of Mavli Tehsil was given and attended by 50 participants. The participants were given necessary information regarding the foot valve, greasing, chain etc. so that even they can do petty repairs in absence of the mechanic. Ø Distribution of woolen sweaters, stainless steel plates, glass, water tank, etc. made to the poor school going children of village Moti Khedi of Mahuda Panchayat. The Samaj Shilpi selected 20 children each who belonged to poor families and arranged distribution in the presence of school teachers and few other persons. Swami Vivekananda Seva Nyas Sanstha, Udaipur, has donated these items. Ø The Samaj Shilpi met the school Principals of the area and informed about the work shop on National Environment Awareness Campaign which is scheduled on 5th January. Ø Monthly meeting of Samaj Shilpis was arranged at Mandap village where RIM official distributed “Shaksharta Sandesh” a Seva Mandir publication. The Samaj Shilpi had written an article in it entitled “Mere Sapno ka Gaon” which elaborates his thinking and writing capacity in a village life. Ø Election of Sarpanch and Panch was also discussed at length and it was emphasized that a suitable person who is educated, honest and hard working should be elected so that developmental work in the villages can be accelerated. Ø Sanction of Rs 9.25 lacs for construction of an Anicut has been granted from the local MLA quota after a unanimous decision in consultation with the villagers was taken in this regard. The Anicut is proposed to be constructed between village Dinger Kiya and Mahuda which will beside irrigation, help in increase of water level of the wells. Ø On the occasion of Maha Shiva Ratri, the Samaj Shilpi organized a Bhajan Mandali enjoyed by the villagers. The Shiv Mandir has been overlooked over the years but with the initiation of the Samaj Shilpi, now the people are taking interest in its maintenance, lighting besides doing plantation work nearby the premises. Ø A distirct level Kisan Mela organized from 15/3 to 16/3 at Palana Kala Panchayat for which the Samaj Shilpi along with Agriculture Supervisor did a door to door campaigning. The farmers have been given information about use of hybrid seeds so that they can get better yield. This Mela has benefited the farmers that is evident from the fact that they have shown keen interest on fertilizers and farm implements exhibited in the Mela as large scale booking of these items is going on. Ø The Samaj Shilpi took initiative in resolving a matter when two persons have involved in quarrel over a small issue. They happened to be under the influence of liquor. These delinquent persons pacified in the presence of the Panchayat and a penalty of Rs 2100/- beside distribution of maize seeds to the pigeons imposed on them. They took oath before the Deity that they will never consume liquor in future. Ø The Samaj Shilpi played an important role in formation of Savings Group of BPL families, which has now 11 members. Ø Prepared list of 8 poor and helpless families for getting benefit of 10 kg of wheat every month under the Antyodaya Scheme of Government. BHANWAR SINGH CHUNDAWAT, BANSLIA Ø Under the reporting period the Samaj Shilpi did social work in Bansalia Panchayat like maintenance of school building, persuaded parents to send their children to school so that they are not deprived off from getting education, attended Panchayat meetings, arranged payment of compensation to a poor tribal boy who met with a road accident, resolved disputes between two groups in the village, helped BPL families in distribution of grains under the Government Scheme. Ø Children of Reladiya school which falls under tribal hamlet of Banslia Panchayat were provided with 40 Nos. of stainless steel plates, 40 sweaters, 1 No. SS water tank, 2 Nos. of SS Glass, etc. by the members of Swami Vivekananda Seva Nyas Sanstha, Udaipur. The Nyas people also distributed 100 Nos. of stainless steel plates, 100 sweaters, 2 Nos. SS water tank, 2 Nos. of SS Glass, etc. to the school children of Redia Khedi. The Samaj Shilpi did an active role in this regard and extended all necessary help and cooperation to the Nyas people. Ø The Samaj Shilpi visited and advised the school children of Reldia and Rediakhedi to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness. Ø The Samaj Shilpi took active initiative in the construction of a Kheli (water trough) in Reladiya village for which contributions were made by Mahavir International and the villagers. Similarly, another Kheli constructed in Panchayat Bhimal has given much relief to the villagers. Ø Meeting conducted with all schools, which fall under Panchayat Bansliya and discussions were held with the teachers and villagers whether they are taking interest in imparting education to the children. Special emphasis given on the maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness and that efforts should be made so that not a single children is deprived off from getting school education. Ø A special cleanliness drive made in two Rajiv Gandhi Schools Red-I and Red-II for four days. After this, the children automatically got themselves involved in maintaining cleanliness in the school premises, which has now changed the entire complexion of the school buildings. Ø School children of Bansliya approached the Samaj Shilpi about the hand pump, which has become out of order. He took immediate steps and called the Hand Pump Mistry along with 3-4 villagers who repaired the Hand Pump. With this quick gesture of the Samaj Shilpi, the drinking water problem of school solved and children felt a sigh of relief. Ø A Woman’s Group has been formed in Bhilwada hamlet of Bansliya Panchayat. The objective of this group is to look into all development works, allotment of labor on Badli(rotation) basis and resolving any other mattes with mutual understanding. Ø The road adjacent to the Panchayat Building of Bansliya got cleaned with the help of 30-40 persons. With this cleaning work, it will enable 500 persons to sit together and attend community meetings, programmes, etc. for which the villagers have welcomed the extra effort made in this direction by the Samaj Shilpi. Ø The Banslia pond had developed a hole during last monsoon. The Samaj Shilpi approached Sarpanch and met Irrigation Department, which repaired it by employing 40 laborers. Matters regarding problems being faced by the villagers in the monthly meeting of Banslia Gram Panchayat also taken up and need for arranging drinking water for animals during ensuring drought also stressed by the Samaj Shilpi. BHANWAR SINGH RHATORE, MANDAP Ø A meeting of RIM activities held at Mandap in which RIM official detailed about the various activities that have been taken up in the last six months and the jobs done by Samaj Shilpis which has helped bringing change in the minds of people. The development works done in the last six months related to villages also presented to the RIM official. Ø Distribution of hybrid seeds and farm implements made available to the villagers through Agriculture Supervisor with the formation of a Kisan Mandal at Mandap and Dangi Kheda.A 10-week training also conducted by the Agriculture Supervisor in which methods of farming by use of less quantity of water, insect control by use of Foramen Trap on Gram crop explained in detail to the participants. The training has benefited 40 farmers and now they have adopted it in their farming activity. Ø The Samaj Shilpi contacted C.T.A.E. College, Udaipur and arranged a Thresher, which can thresh seeds from maize. 20 farmers have used this machine and got 80 quintal of maize seeds. This type of job not only requires hard work but also is time consuming and therefore machine will be helpful to woman farmers. Ø A Literacy Training Camp organized by Continuing Education Campaign under Government of Rajasthan. The camp conducted for the Tribal Bhagal Jharna in which 25 women participated. The objective of the campaign is to make them aware towards importance of literacy and during the course of training they have learnt how to read and sign. Ø The Samaj Shilpi approached Swami Vivekananda Seva Nyas Sanstha, Udaipur for a good social cause by helping poor village school going children. The Nyas responded to the request and distributed 180 Nos. of woolen sweaters, 375 Nos of Stainless Steel Plates for Mid Day Meal, 6 Nos of Stainless Steel Water Tanks, 12 Nos of Glasses, 6 Nos of Nail cutters and 6 Nos of Tooth Powder to the Tribal children in different schools in the area. Ø Swami Vivekananda Seva Nyas Sanstha, Udaipur officials also visited Mandap Bansalia, Rampuria and Mahuda schools to have a close look on the conditions of the poor school going children of this tribal area. The Samaj Shilpi explained about the need of basic facilities, which the poor children lack and even their parents cannot afford. The Nyas agreed to distribute sweaters, SS plates, etc. to those who have been deprived of getting the same. Side by side, the Samaj Shilpi requested them to extend this type of help to school going children of all the 14 Panchayat schools covered under RIM, which they agreed. Ø An Eye Camp conducted by Alakh Nayan Hospital, Udaipur at Fatehnagar. The Samaj Shilpi helped sending 5 persons from his area to Fatehnagar for treatment of eye. The activities carried out by RIM for a good social cause impressed the villagers. Ø The Samaj Shilpi has taken a pledge to make women of his area literate and with this objective a 15-day Literacy Camp organized in which 25 women participated. They have learnt how to sign and read. Ø Under the National Environment Awareness Campaign, the Samaj Shilpi approached 14 school Principals of his area and got the form filled up at Seva Mandir so that they can become partner to this campaign. Ø With the guidance of the Samaj Shilpi, farmers have reaped a handsome crop during Rabi. He also arranged meeting of the farmers with the Agriculture Supervisor. Necessary precautions and guidance also given to the farmers and the supervisor advised them not to use insecticides and harmful chemicals. Ø The Samaj Shilpi conducted a survey of the schools of his area. He told students to maintain cleanliness and hygiene while coming to school, which has a good effect on the parents also. Ø With the ensuing Panchayat elections, the Samaj Shilpi told the voters to elect a person who is honest, literate and cares for the development of the area. Ø The Samaj Shilpi took initiative to maintain harmony, peace and discipline during the Panchayat Elections along with a team of socially aware youths. The team extended all necessary help for a peaceful conduct of the poll in the area. Ø The Samaj Shilpi arranged election in Ward 8 and 9 at Panchayat Palana Khurd after calling meeting of both the village wards. The persons nominated elected unopposed. Ø The RIM Samaj Shilpi worker, RIM Official along with Block Secretary of Seva Mandir has been invited to attend Western Region Development Conference at Tata Institute of Social Sciences College at Mumbai on 3rd May organized by AID. The Samaj Shilpi emphasized the need of other associations and institutions for better village development. Efforts made in this direction by RIM, Rajasthan has received applauds from representatives of other states. Ø A free Medical Check up of 100 members done in a Helath Camp organized under the auspicess of Personality Development Center (O;fDr fodkl dsUnz laLFkku). Besides, poor sections of society have been distributed clothes by the Sansthan. Ø Western Regional Agricultural Science Mela organized under the auspicies of Maharana Pratap Krishi Mahavidyalaya, Udaipur for which the Samaj Shilpi received invitation. He contacted farmers of his village and took 100 farmers to the Mela who have been benefited with the scientific information and new techniques adopted in the modern farming. Ø The Alakh Nayan Hospital, Udaipur organized a One Day Eye Camp at Mandap at the request of the Samaj Shilpi. The Camp doctors treated 60 men and women of the village beside conducted operation of 4 women and 8 men for cataract of eye. Ø A Kisan Mela organized at Palana Kala in consultation with the Sarpanch and Agricultural Supervisor. The Samaj Shilpi took responsibility and contacted concerned authorities for organizing the mela. The Agriculture Department gave information about the use of spray and drop system of irrigation so that water is not wasted during cultivation. Other relevant information for increasing farm products benefited about 2000 farmers of the area. The local MLA honoured the Samaj Shilpi for his efforts on adoption of new technique on production of gram, mustard, etc. Ø The Samaj Shilpi helped in getting Death Certificate in a death case due to dog bite. The deceased belonged to a poor tribal family of Rampuria Bhagal. He also helped in filling up of form under Social Security for financial assistance of Rs 10000/-. Ø The Samaj Shilpi took initiative in sending 3 poor villagers (2 women and 1 man) to Alakh Nayan Eye Hospital, Udaipur for free eye treatment/operation. The Hospital has given him admission card so that he can send helpless and poor people who for want of money cannot get their eye treated.





Program Mission: To bring Indians together everywhere to deepen democracy and equality. Vision: A people’s Movement to Rejuvenate India. Goal: To Catalyze a mass movement to strengthen democratic process towards self reliant development. Samaj Shilpis - Are volunteers selected from villagers to work as full time village level activists - Are selected and trained by a local NGO - Understand villagers issues - Help villagers solve their problems - Facilitate leveraging of government programs



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