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  project name ~ suvidya math education

category ~ Literacy and Education




  Project Name


suvidya math education



Suvidya Samuha



Literacy and Education







  Budget Approved


$ 1050


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sree Ganesan











SUVIDYA will design and create a Multipurpose Algebra Kit (Plus users manual in Kannada and English) for high school children (age group 12 - 14 yrs). The kits will be provided to teachers teaching in Kannada and English medium schools in Karnataka/elsewhere during the orientation workshop. These teachers will trial the kit in their respective schools and report their experiences and give their feedback on the effectiveness etc., in a workshop to be conducted 4-8 weeks later. SUVIDYA staff will also visit some schools/teachers to support the classroom usage.

The kits will also be sent by mail to eminent resource persons in several parts of the country. Their feedback will be collated.

Based on the feedback by all teachers/resource persons a final report will be prepared. This will be the basis for further design/content improvement/s of the Multipurpose Algebra kit.










To produce 1000 sets of these kits in English (500 nos.) and Kannada (500 nos.) and distribute it among interested schools. It is also proposed to hold workshops to the teachers in these schools. The State and Central Govt. adopts several types of educational kits to be used in schools. Selling the concept of SUVIDYA''''s educational kits for use in such programmes would be easier if it is field tested.



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