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  project name ~ Eureka Peoples Library Project - 2005

category ~ Literacy and Education




  Project Name


Eureka Peoples Library Project - 2005



AID Chennai



Literacy and Education



5000 villages in TN



Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


$ 7000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Padmapriya Jagannathan
Nitn Verma
Ravi Krishna
Nirveek Bhattacharjee
Vijay Manghnani


San Diego
New York
Baton Rouge
Johns Hopkins
Bay Area
Bay Area










Sensing an urgent need for a scalable women and children centered library movement in villages, AID Chennai has come up with a well thought out, innovative proposal of establishing high quality, regularly updated libraries in 5000 villages of Tamil Nadu, at a cost of about $30 per libary per year. AID Chennai, along with a group of other local NGOs, will work in 10 networks of 500 villages, which are again divided into 10 clusters of 50 villages each. Training programs for the library coordinators at different levels, feedback mechanism for the library readerships, and monthly review meetings have been worked into the proposal.





AID Chennai has utilized the 7000$ to start 1388 libraries in vaious villages in Tamil Nadu. The one year status report for the libraries is awaited.





. To start 5000 village libraries all over Tamilnadu that are actively supplied with reading materials and that provide regular feedback on usage of the materials. 2. To use these libraries to promote good quality progressive and educative reading materials for children, adolescent girls and boys and older neo-literate women in the villages. The materials will include story cards, books, health and education booklets, and other progressive reading materials. 3. To use these libraries to launch a larger production capacity for low cost, high quality materials so that a wide section will not only read it, but will be willing to also buy it. Therefore beyond the 5000 libraries the materials can be purchased by government schools, other NGOs, institutions and individuals the initial print run ensures that the cost is low enough for many more people to buy the materials.



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