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Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...
Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another..."

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  project name ~ Childright

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Community Empowerment







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$ 6000


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College Park





Community children in a Environment Awareness rally in Bilabadi Panchayat, Kandhamal





Sustainable Community Development and Poverty Reduction Project is a pilot project over a one year period. The contact person is Tapan Mahapatra.

Target Group: Women and children & other Village Leaders (focus on widows - women headed households, landless working women Below Poverty Line and working /dropout children). The scope of this project includes a target population of 1583 people from 297 households of 4 Target Revenue villages with respective hamlets. This pilot project on its successful implementation will give ample opportunity for scaling up and replication to other adjoining villages and Panchayat for wider coverage and impact. This will be an entry point program for whole of the Panchayat where a long-term project can be planned up in subsequent years.

Specific Problems to be addressed related to:
a). Livelihoods & Poverty reduction
b). Education for disadvantaged children

The purpose of the project are as follows:
1. Empowered women SHG and PRI Members to address social, political and economic issues related to community practicing Gandhian development principles & thought
2. Improved community sustainability actions for food security, social, economic status of community in general and women in particular
3. Accessed opportunities for childrenís basic education





The project has been recently approved by College Park chapter. The site visit has been completed by Peter Barkos and Tapan Mahapatra. Tapan, the NGO secretary has received training at AID Rural Technology Resource Center near the JITM campus with Dhanada Mishra. Once the project begins and we have a feedback report, it will be updated accordingly.





1. Communities equipped with knowledge and information to find a space of their own in the Local Self Governance system / people centered schemes and its role at poverty reduction and community sustenance, led by a Community Vigilance Group evolved during the process Activities Proposed a). Organisation of community vigilance group and training to potential community leaders on Local Self Governance system, mainstream social and economic security program for panchayat and community role b). Training on establishing Mahila Shanti Sena to establish community and household peace combating domestic violence on women. c). Formation of Village Development Fund (Gram Vikash Kosh) 2. Enhanced sustainable livelihood options, Maximised employment/job opportunity & Food Security through self help, community action and Micro Livelihood Support Measures Activities Proposed a). Organising help themselves in the community for social and economic sustenance. b). Alternative public distribution system support (grocery shops operated and managed by SHGs to prevent themselves walk around 14 - 20 km for a nearest market loosing whole day and one day wage) c). Mud block making training and production unit d). Oil seed grinding training and production unit e). Pedal power unit training and installation f). Seed bank g). Establishing community support mechanisms in terms of exchange of labor and kind. 3. Innovative Non formal Education Centers established where children in various laborer forms are empowered Activities Proposed a). Opening 4 Innovative Non formal Education Centers for children & Teaching / Learning material support and other center supplies. b). Teacherís honorarium



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