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  project name ~ SIFFS Tsunami Infrastructure

category ~ Relief-Tsunami-2004




  Project Name


SIFFS Tsunami Infrastructure



SIFFS (South India Federation of Fisherman So..









Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


$ 5100


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Hemanth Krishnan


College Park





- Reading room/ Library at Muttom, Kanyakumari District, TN





KK was hit badly by the tsunami and most of the infrastructure in the aforementioned village was damaged. SIFFS is implementing various rehabilitation projects in the villages. Although there are numerous components in the proposal, we decided to support the library component alone. Once the construction is completed we hope to use the library as a center for health education and other community awareness programs.





In Kanyakumari district, SIFFS covered almost all the villages during the relief and rehabilitation phase, but would be focusing on Muttom and Poothurai for reconstruction. In Muttom, tsunami caused 49 deaths, 250 houses were completely destroyed and more than 100 houses were damaged. While the tsunami, in spite of the extensive damage it caused to the livelihoods in Poothurai, there were no casualties in terms of loss of lives and houses. SIFFS completed construction and transferred 52 houses to their owners at Poothurai village in Kanyakumari District in Feb 06





The primary goal of the AID supported component is construction of a library in Muttom village, KK district. The existing library in Muttom was destroyed by the tsunami. SIFFS is planning to construct and furnish the library. The library will be equipped with a TV apart from books.



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