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  project name ~ Sikshana 2006-07

category ~ Education - Child




  Project Name


Sikshana 2006-07



SCT (Sivasri Charitable Trust)



Education - Child







  Budget Approved


$ 11000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Shivakumar Jolad
Amarjeet Singh


Los Angeles





-Site visit to K S layout school by Naveen





Sivasri Chatirable Trust is an NGO based in Bangalore, founded in 2001 by a small group of professionals to improve the state of public education system. Currently (as in 2006-07) NGO runs its programs in 28 schools in and around Bangalore rural areas.

The project aims to enhance the learning levels of the kids in schools through various innovative approaches. The NGO acts as a facilitator in solving the problems schools faces. The school staff themselves addresses the issues where improvement is needed and comes up with their own solution to the problems. Through this decentralized mechanism and resulting empowerment of schools, Sikshana has been very successful in achieving improving education in government schools.

This is (2006-07) the second year funding of the project by two AID chapters (Columbus and Penn-state). First year(2005-06), three AID chapters (Columbus, TAMU and New Orleance) funded the project. This year, apart from the focus would be on improving the performance in Kanakpura schools where Sikshana has a cluster of 15 schools, improving the volunteer base would be main focus.

Sikshana has made significant progress towards achieving above mentioned goals.Learning levels in schools are showing great improvement. It has adopted a new cluster (21 schools) which means the number of schools under Sikshanas program is now 46. It has appointed a full time COO to oversee the success of the program.





Sikshana has made some important progress in the year 2006-07 in expanding its work in more schools and taking measures to sustain its activities. (i) Has adopted another cluster of (21 more) schools in Kanakpura district. This increases the number of schools under Sikshana from 28 to 49. (ii) Has appointed a full time Coordinator who will be in charge of various Sikshana activities. This is expected to boost the activities of Sikshana in a major way. (iii) Technology aspects are being actively incorporated for teaching activities. (iv) Various volunteer recruitment plans. (v) Has been able to gather significant support from corporate sector, especially in technology related areas.





Specific goals of 2006-07 funding: (a) AID Penn state is funding $5330 towards the expenses of 12 govt. schools in and around rural Bangalore city. (b) AID Columbus is funding $5500 towards salaries of 12 teachers employed by Sikshana in and around Bangalore city. Other than these specific goals, AID also would like to see progress in the following aspects: (c) Strengthening volunteer base of the NGO. (d) Start working towards one other node in the state. (e) Trying to get more corporate support towards the Sikshana.



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