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  project name ~ Kondh MicroCredit - Year II

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  Project Name


Kondh MicroCredit - Year II



Nisarga Trust









Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 150500


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators



Bay Area









Nisarga has been a partner with Bay Area for some time now. AID Bay area has supported the schools in Kondh. In order to improve the overall condition of the Kondh tribes, it is important to also consider their economic issues.

The Kondh tribals are subjected to exploitation from local money lenders

* High rates of interest
* Repayment in kind
* Wrong measurement/weighing
* Money Lenders dictate price
* Make most of the profits
* Need a micro-credit to resolve the problem.

This is the second year of funding for the microcredit. Last years microcredit work was completed in a timely manner and most of the loans provided were retrived on time. The attempt is to provide more funding for the farmers this year.





The microcredit was very successul last year and hence a repeat funding for second year has been approved. The information about the funding last year is available here - http://www.aidprojects.org/projects-view.asp?login=&id=391&all=0&myprj=1&stxt=&sgrp=





1. Access to affordable credit for the Kondhs which is currently unavailable to them 2. Decresed dependence of the community on local money lenders



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