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  project name ~ Mehdiganj anti coke campaign

category ~ Environment




  Project Name


Mehdiganj anti coke campaign



People''s Science Institute






Dehra Doon




  Budget Approved


$ 1000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sridhar Rajam











Conducting several scientific experiments to determine the pollution level in the land and water in and around the areas of mehdiganj, UP, where a coca cola plant is located and to validate the already found test results and the claims against the company.





The Hazards Centre and the People''''s Science Institute have come out with a report, based on the study of water samples, saying that Coca Cola has caused groundwater pollution in the area. This report has been instrumental in the closure of coca cola plants in kerala.





To conduct test in the lands where the Coca Cola has dumped waste products from its plant, affecting the soil and the ground water in and around mehdiganj area. This report will be needed to establish the facts about the pollution created by the coca cola company in and around mehdiganj, UP.



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