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  project name ~ Snow Leopard Conservation Education Program, Phase 2

category ~ Education - Child




  Project Name


Snow Leopard Conservation Education Program, Phase 2






Education - Child






Jammu & Kashmir

  Budget Approved


$ 6625


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Students in Shang Valley, Ladakh show off their handiwork





This project is a continuation of the Environmental Education (EE) Program started in 2006 in Hemis National Park, Ladakh. In partnership with Snow Leopard Conservancy-India Trust. Kalpavriksh developed educational material and an educators handbook comprised entirely of localized, interactive educational components. The Proposal in Phase-2 is intended to take the program to more regions, specifically to Zanskar Valley (Kargil district), Central Institute of Buddhist Studies (CIBS) and to a few more villages within Hemis. A hands-on project would be initiated in schools that were administered the EE program in 2006 .





Phase-1 focused on administering environmental education in 5 villages within Hemis National Park, Ladakh. The education program was a big success among children who demanded more and longer workshops on environmental education. The Village Education Committees and teachers also appreciated the teaching aids and the teaching method. The education department of Ladakh underscored the lack of such localized material and has expressed interest in purchasing the material under the Sarva Siksha Abiyan Scheme (this is pending permission from the state government). The efforts in phase-2 are intended partly to scale up the program through involvement of the Government, Monastries and by taking it to Kargil district and partly to get EE education to take root in Ladakh by finding a suitable local-coordinator and initiating hands-on activities in villages





The program has several goals: 1) Take the Environmental Education Program to Zanskar Valley (Kargil District), Central Institute of Buddhist Studies (CIBS) and to Hemis Shukpachan or Sasoma; 2) Initiate localized hands-on projects in villages where the education was administered in 2006; 3)Refine the educators handbook and the teaching aids for potential use in other fields like eco-tourism. 4)Engage with the goverment and discuss the possibilties of tie-in with the Education Department in Kargil and 5) Scale up activities in Ladakh and work for widespread acceptance of the teaching aids



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