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  project name ~ Supporting Samaj Shilpis: 2007

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


Supporting Samaj Shilpis: 2007



SMU (Seva Mandir Udaipur)RIM (Rejuvenate India Movement)



Community Empowerment







  Budget Approved


$ 4000


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  Chapter Coordinators


Srinivas Krovvidy


College Park





(Left to Right) Khem Raj, Bhanwar Singh Chundawat, Fatel Lal, Himmat Singh, Kamalendra Taak, Natu Singh, Bhanwar Singh Rathore





Rejuvenate India Movement is an initiative to broad base volunteerism in the country to combat poverty. Voluntary efforts throughout the country even if significant, at best brought niche successes. These concerns found resonance among Indians settled abroad and they exhibited interest in supporting such efforts in terms of money as well as through personal involvement. The idea behind Rejuvenate India Movement is an initiative to broad base volunteerism in the country. The genesis of this initiative comes from Dr. Parmeshwar Rao and Dr. H. Sudarshan. Both of them have been successful in establishing highly regarded voluntary organizations. It was their idea that a mass movement to combat nation wide poverty is needed. These concerns found resonance among Indians settled abroad and they exhibited interest in supporting such efforts monetarily as well as through personal involvement.

The program ‘Stimulated Volunteerism’ aims to encourage the youth to go and work in the villages as facilitators or catalyst for change. Having its presence in 5 states, about 70 volunteers, (referred to as Samaj Shilpis) are recruited all over India. A total of 7 Samaj Shilpis (SS) are placed in Rajasthan. Seva Mandir acts as the Nodal Agency for this state. Each Samaj Shilpi is paid an honorarium of Rs.2,250\- per month.

The program, ‘Stimulated Volunteerism’ is basically focused upon channelising creative energy of individuals into voluntary action and assisting them with making a conscious commitment to the rural and urban poor. However, RIM-Rajasthan’s concentration area is upliftment of rural poor. At present Seva Mandir hosts 7 Samaj Shilpis but we wish to scale up the program by adding up 3-4 new Samaj Shilpis by the end of 2009. In the present financial year we propose to include a lady Samaj Shilpi on pilot basis, who would render services in her own village by organizing female groups and making them proactive towards increasing their awareness and participation in the Panchayati Raj activities.





Community Service Recognition Bhanwar Singh Rathore, a senior Samaj Shilpi received C. Subramaniam Fellowship for his contributions as a community leader in February 2007 by NFI (National Foundation for India). This award is given for supporting and encouraging community leaders, who create bonds of solidarity and values that empower communities in achieving democratic and egalitarian goals, cannot be ignored. The fellowship was awarded in a function held in New Delhi on 8th February 07. The chief guests invited for the award ceremony were Mr. Tarun Tejpal, Editor-tehelka.com, Ms. Imrana Qadir, Professor-JNU and distinguished board members of NFI. The following is a summary of the achievements in last year: Education :· Samaj Shilpis completed a survey in 22 primary schools and created a list of poor & needy children and sent it to Swami Vivekanand Seva Nyas, Udaipur. Based on this information the were able to acquire and distribute material to children such as uniforms and school supplies. Samaj Shilpis also followed up to relink dropouts to schools. Finally, they helped in conducting a sanitation campaigns in schools. Overall a total of 950 school children benefitted. Health:·Samaj Shilpis took active participation in Pulse Polio Campaigns. Bhanwar Singh Rathore, a senior Samaj Shilpi along with the ANM initiated door to door Malaria check up visit. He also organized Animal Health Camp (vaccination and deworming) in Rampuriya, Jharna and Gadha ki Mangri villages (Palana Khurd) during July with the aid of SVSN.· Himmat Singh, another Samaj Shilpi along with the ANM initiated children health check up in Saradia, Dhana and Khedi schools (Nurda).· Samaj Shilpis activities also include organizing free cataract operations at Alakh Nayan Mandir, Udaipur benefitting around 100 families. Their activities also include providing training to local masons regarding construction of 36 smokeless chulhas in Jharna village. Agriculture: · Samaj Shilpis assisted in distribution of fruit plants (Mango, Lemon, Goose Berry, Papaya) and hybrid seeds (Maize, Peanut, Til, Bazra etc. They organized a very successful implementation of Solid Waste Management activities under the National Environment Awareness Campaign 2005-06. Facilitated organizing ‘Kisan Mela’ in Jharna village with the kind assistance of SVSN and Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture, Science and Technology on 16th September. Government Schemes: Helped linking people at large with the state government initiated ‘Jal Chetna Rally’ and assisted in activities like seed distribution and water conservation etc.· They are also working on linking with ‘Kutir Jyoti Yojna’ for getting electricity connection at fields.·Samaj Shilpis have been very active in assisting government officials in surveying the damage caused due to heavy rainfall. Samaj Shilpis have been assisting illiterate poor laborers to get apt remuneration under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme





To catalyze a mass movement to strengthen democratic processes toward self-reliant development. At a broad levelthe goals of the project are: Ø Build and to enhance the capacities and develop skills of community based organizations to address local issues Ø Strengthen community participation in local self-governance Ø Assist communities to access government schemes Ø Facilitate formation of Self Help Groups



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