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  project name ~ Malaria control program

category ~ Health Care and Family Planning




  Project Name


Malaria control program



Mandra Lions Club



Health Care and Family Planning






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


$ 2500


  Year Approved







   2   3   4   5  

  Chapter Coordinators


Arun Gopalan
Sai Krishna Yadlapalli


College Park
College Station










Malaria is a threat to the health of the tribals in this region of West Bengal. This project enables the NGO to spread awareness about the disease in the local communities, as well as identify and treat individuals suffering from the disease.





Over the last two years, this project has been able to: 1) Increase the rate of community participation in every segment of the program 2) Primary assessment had shown that a majority of malaria positive individuals did not complete the complete regimen of anti-malarial drugs. The program has succeeded in getting across to people the importance of going through the entire treatment regimen for complete eradication of the parasite. This has resulted in decreased overall incidence of the disease as well as relapse. 3) The community based health management model for preventing and controlling malaria is being currently used for a wider coverage of the preventive and treatment measures in other villages in the district.





The primary goal of this project is to prevent morbidity and mortality in the community due to malaria. To achieve this, the project attempts to: 1) Treat the people in the community that suffer from the disease 2) Identify and treat carriers of the malarial parasite 3) Identify individuals that develop drug resistance to standard anti-malarials 4) Initiate a community based capacity buiding program on malaria prevention and control.



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