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  project name ~ NREGA implementation and protecting livelihood rights

category ~ Peoples Rights




  Project Name


NREGA implementation and protecting livelihood rights



Nisarga Trust



Peoples Rights






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


$ 13000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Lakshmi Gorrepati
Arun Gopalan


College Park
Anti Corruption Team









The project objective is to promote livelihood rights of agricultural workers and marginallised farmers by effective implementaion of National Rural Employment Guaranteee Act (NREGA) in 7 mandals of Chittoor District , Andhra Pradesh





Activities in progress a)8.25 lakh workers in 8 out of 13 districts where APVVU is based have job cards b)District secretaries of APVVU underwent NREGA enforcement training program organized by the government of AP c)Trained secretaries in the REGA State monitoring committee d)APVVU actively involved in identifying different works in the villages- Several works identified and being implemented





The projects goals are: 1.)Educating and creating awareness on REGA 2)Building links between people, NGOs and officials, 3)Strengthening of village workers association 4) .Identify appropriate works for employment and 5) Social audit and public hearings



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