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  project name ~ TrainingSolarReflector

category ~ Alternate Energy




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Mozda Collective



Alternate Energy







  Budget Approved


$ 5000


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Sunita Mani







Indigenously made Solar Cookers at work





Training to make self-tracking parabolic solar cookers (the Scheffler reflectors, see www. solare-bruecke.org, or search for the
"scheffler reflector") of 2.7 sq. metre reflector size.





The Idea has been discussed in monthly meetings with the men and women of the villages. 15 young men were interested and eight have signed up for the training, Heike Hoedt, who has provided trainings for making the Scheffler reflectors in many countries was consulted, who agreed readily and will not charge anything to provide the training. A few people from outside Mozda are also expected to attend - Three from Indore and Two from Orissa have confirmed participation. A reinforced cement concrete platform [photo] which is required for the training with the help of the trainees has been constructed and more preparations will be done. A lot of material, steel-working workshop equipment etc. have also been ordered.





* Intend to train about 19 people for 2 weeks total in 2 batches to make self-tracking parabolic solar cookers The idea is to make about three reflectors during the training and give them for use in the village to see whether the cooking patterns can be adapted to the solar way of cooking.



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