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  project name ~ Solar LED Bank 2007-08

category ~ Alternate Energy




  Project Name


Solar LED Bank 2007-08



ANT (Action NorthEast Trust)



Alternate Energy







  Budget Approved


$ 8725


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Shivkumar Jolad


College Station
San Diego





Solar LED bulb





Nearly 87% of the Assam households are not electrified. Given this abysmal energy scenario and very little hope of government action in the near future, the NGO Action North East Trust has come up with an idea of providing a non-conventional, environmental friendly, low cost effective lighting solution through solar energy which will reach poorest of the poor people in the rural villages Assam.

The NGO conducted a pilot project which has been highly successful and the villagers who used these systems have had significant improvement in their quality of lifestyles. For example, schools going kids could do homework, parents could read after dark; also helped in significant reduction in monthly expenses on kerosene.

In this project, the NGO will set up a bank which will provide easy loans to purchase solar LEDs for villagers who are poorest. The loans recovered will be used to sustain and scale up the project. This will lit the hopes of villagers who have no hopes of government scaling up electricity projects to villagers in the near future.

Project has been approved by AID Columbus. First set of updates expected by Sept 2007.





Lamps have been procured from the Surya Bijlee Foundation. A site visit done in May 2008 by an AID volunteer found that "the quality of life has increased in general as people can do chores in the evening, and children can study. The delight that these lamps were bringing into people’s lives was very evident on visiting these three houses. The weavers can weave in the light of the solar lamps, and join the yarn that breaks with the help of a torch."





(1) Setting up an LED bank (2) Effectively spread the idea through the women''''s weaver and Jagruti groups. (3) Provide necessary technical support. (4) Sustain and scaling up of the project. (5) Spread the idea to other NE NGOs. Try to convince government to promote solar LEDs.



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