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  project name ~ Joint Urban Greens Project for Delhi

category ~ Environment




  Project Name


Joint Urban Greens Project for Delhi













  Budget Approved


Rs 274560


  Year Approved








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San Diego
San Diego










The specific project aims at monitoring urban greens, education in schools regarding urban biodiversity, liason with Government officials, forest department and municipalities. Since Delhi is witnessing rapid development resulting in massive construction activities that have potential to harm green areas, there is an utmost need to monitor green belts and take appropriate actions.





-Net working with other NGOs to avoid duplicity of work. -A forum called the trees for Delhi was launched, e-groups for action activated. -Started the campaigns in schools and colleges on issues related to urban greens. -Ran a signature campaign of prominent citizens of Delhi to mobilize public support. CM of Delhi showed great interest and took action -Case filed in High Court against indiscriminate road constructions, result in favor of JUG -Staged road shows at major intersections of roads to highlight threat to roadside trees. - Realignment of Metro Rail and readjustment of many parameters of HCBSystem corridor -RTI applications filed for several issues -Residential welfare associations mobilized for greening -Forest Department officials mobilized for saving Delhi forests -





Protect and improve greenery in Delhi Plan for greening roadsides in Delhi in partnership with municipalities Safeguard large parks and gardens, urban forest areas in urban Delhi (ridge forest in Delhi, Asola Sanctuary). Attention for safeguarding lakhs and lakhs of trees on roadsides in narrow strips throughout the city.



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