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  project name ~ RTI documentation

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  Project Name


RTI documentation



AID India



Peoples Rights







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Rs 106000


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Gaurav Bhardwaj
Arun Gopalan


Anti Corruption Team









Documentation could provide a rich source of information about the different uses and outcomes of the RTI Act.

Identifying problem areas: It could be used as a powerful source of evidence for advocacy in furthering reforms and refining the Act

An analysis of the outcomes of its use would provide a clear direction as to what exactly the Act augurs for the future of our democracy.





“Research for People” Sowmya Sivakumar Undergrad from Stella Maris College, Chennai Masters in economics from the Delhi School of Economics in 2001 Journalist: 3 Years Indian Express, Chennai the Business Standard, Mumbai Wrote on rural economic (Rural Mural) “Research for People”: Jaipur mid-2002 study on the working and living conditions of migrant construction workers micro-study on the causes of migration at the village level in one panchayat in Ajmer district Right to Information (RTI) and the Right to Work: Since 2004 Funded by India Friends Abroad Main focus: Awareness of the RTI and NREGA Practical implementation Maintain flow of information between media and campaign. Recommended by Arun Roy and Kamayani Keki (AID Jeevansaathi)





Documentation to understand the following: How is RTI Act being used? What are the Problems in Using the RTI? What are the Outcomes of the Use of RTI? Does RTI truly help in bringing about better governance and accountability? Are public offices falling in line with the spirit of the Act and what could be the role of civil society in ensuring this?



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