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  project name ~ RTI Janpath

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


RTI Janpath






Right To Information (RTI)







  Budget Approved


$ 2900


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Homarjun Agrahari
Arun Gopalan
Harsha Kulkarni


College Station
Anti Corruption Team










This project support Janpaths efforts to spread awareness of RTI via its ‘RTI on wheels Programme’. The program is envisioned to be an outreach programme of the existing facilitation center. This will be first of its kind in the country, where RTI will reach to the un-reached, with message, guidance and assistance for asking questions. RTI on Wheels’ will emphasize on groups like daily earners, migrant workers. (Slums and working class areas) especially focus Large scale citizen’s services passport office, collectors, shopping malls, court, municipal bus stand, bank, schools, colleges spot common citizen’s can seek guidance.





Since RTIA has been in place, MAGP has played an active role in capacity building of both demand and supply side by orientation and training programmes, starting RTI helpline 9924085000 for online guidance to RTI users, and Sensitization programmes with senior officials of various departments. In the past 9 months, RTI helpline has got more than 9000 calls 70% of which are from rural Gujarat. MAGP organizes Saturday guidance camps, wherein critical cases are handled. Senior citizens, college students, lawyers, professors etc volunteer for Saturday camp as facilitators.





The key objective of this project is to Janpath spread awareness of RTI via their RTI on Wheels''''''''''''''''.



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