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  project name ~ Publication of Green Tapism

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  Project Name


Publication of Green Tapism



Environment Support Group






all india




  Budget Approved


$ 5000


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Tulika Narayan


College Park










After six months of research, Environment Support Group has prepared a review of the September 14th, 2006 Environment Impact Assessment Notification called " Green Tapism: A Review of Environmental Impact Assessment Notification -2006". This review provides a scathing critque of the notification that prioritizes the industry over environment and excludes local governments and the wider public. A must read for all stakeholders of environment, it is a well researched report that relies on solid research to make its point.

The project is for printing enough copies of “Green Tapism” that will support the possibility of reaching a copy to politicians with a stake in environment, most environmental and social action groups active on the issues connected to environmental decision making in India.





Thus far the project has created the first well researched critique of the September 14th, 2006 notification. Please watch for this space for our latest acheivements.





The goal of the project is to widely desseminiate the report to generate a public debate on this very critical legislation that will have a far reaching impact on the state of the environment in India. It is the projects hope to disseminate the report to all Parliamentarians (as they have been the most critical of the Notification), to all State Environment Departments in every State, all High Court and Supreme Court judges, and to the media and industry associations. ESG will also aid wider dissemination by putting out the entire report on its website duly cross-linking it to relevant feature of the Notification to enhance understanding. In addition, there are plans to translate this report into regional languages. ESG also plans to organise a series of workshops to aid awareness creation of the dire implications of the EIA Notification and also on how to use the report to campaign for genuine reform in environmental clearance mechanisms of India. This proposal, however, does not cover these aspects.



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