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  project name ~ AID Orissa Reading Literacy Campaign

category ~ Education - Child




  Project Name


AID Orissa Reading Literacy Campaign



AID Chennai



Education - Child







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Rs 102500


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San Diego





AID Orissa - Sunday library and reading center





AID Orissa proposes to implement the Reading Literacy program in Gajapati district (using AID Chennai existing model). This will be part of a state wide campaign: AID Orissa working in 7 blocks in Gajapati district while various other parts of the state are being coordinated by Pratham.

This approved phase is for conducting a "Workshop" for 250 teachers in Summer 2007 in order to start implementing the program in schools in 7 blocks in Gajapati district.





AID Orissa is already involved in several initiatives in Gajapathi district in Orissa. Please see proposal for details on achievements so far. Background/Work so far by AID Orissa: AID Orissa has been operating in a few villages neighbouring the JITM campus near R. Sitapur village of Gosani block located about 5 kms from Paralakhemundi town. The villages are Kathalakaitha, R. Sitapur (I and II), Ranadevi, Pattikotta and Uppalada. It''''''''s interventions have been mainly in running 5 village libraries and two night tution center, conducting Rural Mathematics Talent Search examinations, conducting events for village children on special occasions like Independence day and Republic day. Most recently they have set up one Low Cost Terminal Computing Center. they have also conducted sessions in the local schools to gauge the reading ability of the students etc.





The main goal of the campaign is to make 100% of the children up to class V be able to read properly using the technique developed by AID Orissa and AID Chennai. Overall goals/Proposed Intervention include: The following activities are proposed over a period of two years to achieve the above objectives. In this effort the experience of AID, Chennai will be used as a model wherever possible. 1. Reading kits to all of the schools of the district about 1200 kits will be needed. 2. Children''''''''s Library in up to 100 villages (about 10% of all villages) in the district (we will network with smaller NGOs in different parts of Gajapati for this) 3. Science Kit with training for about 160 schools (Almost all secondary/high schools in Gajapati) 4. About 100 part-time teachers for schools with chronic teacher shortages and to run village libraries as well as night school. These teachers also will be trained in Science kit demonstration and allied activities. 5. Low Cost Mass Terminal Computing Centers in selected schools (20 schools). Each center with one PC acting as the server and five dumb terminals. Running on Linux 6. A mobile van mounted receiver to provide periodic internet connectivity to the above (kiosk-net model). 7. The above initiatives will be coordinated from the AID Rural Technology Resource Center Campus (ARTRC), where a school based on the ''''''''Basic Education'''''''' philosophy of Gandhiji would be set-up. The school will function both as a model as well as a center for training of teachers and practice and demonstration of some of the ideas before the same is implemented in the target government schools.



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