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  project name ~ PHC in Arunachal Pradesh

category ~ Health Care - Adult




  Project Name


PHC in Arunachal Pradesh



Karuna Trust



Health Care - Adult






Arunachal Pradesh

  Budget Approved


$ 6250


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Shivakumar Jolad
Amarjeet Singh


Los Angeles









The present proposal reviewed and approved by AID LA seeks to support the NGO contribution for maintenance of Primary Health Care Centers (PHCs) in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The grass-roots NGO working on the maintenance is Karuna Trust (under. Dr. Sudershan) The broad goal of taking up PHCs in Arunachal Pradesh by Karuna Trust is to implement the learnings over the past 10 years in running PHCs in Karnataka and for capacity-building of local NGOs to manage Primary Health Centers.
Specific aspects under the administrative costs include planning for drugs and consumables, improving PHC infrastructure and facilities and provide better vaccination and immunization services.





Innovations in primary care by Karuna Trust 1. 24-hour PHC concept with 100 % headquarter availability of all staff and emergency obstetric services 2. Implementation of all National Health Programs and Integration of care for Epilepsy and Chronic diseases at the primary health care level 3. PHC as a Village Resource Centre with Telemedicine, Tele-education, Farmer advisories and Weather forecasts available at each PHC. 4. Innovation in PHC Management – appointing administrators, village and PHC level health committees and encouraging community responsibility and ownership and HMIS in primary care (Health Management and Information system. 5. Community Health Insurance in all Karuna Trust PHCs in Karnataka 6. Mainstreaming of Traditional Medicine in Primary Health Care 7. Rational Drug Use and Availability of essential drugs 8. Provision of essential surgeries, primary level dental care and integrated approach to blindness control (cataract surgeries at PHC level) 9. Gender-sensitive primary care 10. Waste Management at PHCs In 2002, UNDP support allowed for the establishment of Community Health Insurance in TN Pura, which was soon after extended to Yelandur Taluk. The scheme is now in the phase of extension to all the Trust-run PHCs in Karnataka. The scheme currently boasts a ‘No exclusion of





1 Strengthening Primary Health Care: Innovative Approaches – Model PHC – A model PHC incorporating the basic principles of primary care with emphasis on proper implementation of all the National Health Programs 2 Effective & Innovative Approaches in Reproductive & Child Health program– 3 Community Participation formation of village and PHC level health committees from among the local population 4 Capacity building of staff – PHC management, Rational drug use, essential drug concept and effective implementation of National Health Programs 5 Strengthening Public-private(NGO) Partnership 6 Influencing Health Policy at State and National Level



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