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Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...
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  project name ~ Saathiship for Dhanada Mishra

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  Project Name


Saathiship for Dhanada Mishra



AID India










  Budget Approved


$ 6000


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Lakshmi Gorrepati


College Park










This project supports Dhanada Mishra as an AID Saathi. Dhanada Mishra is a Civil Engineer by background and lives and works in Orissa. He has been with AID for several years now and was instrumental in starting the AID chapter in Sydney. He worked as the Principal of Jagannath Institute of Technology and Management and has been actively involved in coordinating all the activities of AID-Orissa. Dhanda also started the AID Rural Technology Resource Centre in Orissa, an institute aimed at training and demonstrating rural technologies and ideas. He also worked actively in spreading awareness about NREGA in the interior Gajapati district of Orissa and helped in pointing out loopholes in the implementation of the act.





Uptil now the following are some of Dhanada''''''''''''''''s key acheivements: 1.Started AID Rural Technology Resource center in Paralakhemundi of Gajapati Dist with Ravi Kuchimanchi 2.Worked actively in spreading awareness about NREGA and related issues 3. Started Sydney chapter of AID 4. While in USA, started organization SEEDS( Sustainable Economic and Educational Development Society) which works on development issues in Orissa.





Dhanada Mishra plans to work focus on three major areas 1. Education a) Work actively on promoting and spreading ‘Learning to read’ program of Pratham to 5 districts around Gajapati 2.Livelihood rights through NREGA and RTI a)Continue to lead NREGA awareness creation program b)Expand social audit work to other areas c)Initiate the formation a labour union of people signing up for jobs via NREGA in Gajapati dist d)Monitoring implementation of RTI act 3.Rural Technology and Vocational training a)Work on scaling up activities at the AID Rural Technology Resource Center ( ARTRC) b)Developing marketing support for the products made at ARTRC.



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