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  project name ~ Ensuring transparency in PWD and research on SEZ using RTI

category ~ Good Governance




  Project Name


Ensuring transparency in PWD and research on SEZ using RTI



AID India



Good Governance







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Rs 120000


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  Chapter Coordinators


Somu Kumar


Anti Corruption Team









The project support is continued for year 2008 and the details can be found in project Db ID # 551.

Right to Information is the most progressive act which when used properly will be a vital tool in proper governance and eliminating corruption.
Swati, full-time coordinator of this project, is a young RTI activist who plans to eliminate corruption and achieve transperancy in the governance.
Swatis work in this project proposes to keep a check, using RTI as the means, on the Delhi roads so that they are constructed and maintained as per the guidelines. She will also conduct an in-depth study of the Special Economic Zones coming up in India by obtaining information through RTI.





1)Mobilized Civil Engineering students of IIT Delhi to participate in the RTI campaign to inspect road works to ensure better roads 2)Filed applications regarding 42 roads in Delhi covered by the PWD in 5 months. 3)Work on Madhu Vihar road started immediately after inspection of the road under RTI. Swati had filed the RTI application in this case. 4)Filed several applications under the Act in all the concerned Central Government Ministries and also in Maharashtra, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, requesting them to allow inspection of the files related to SEZs in their department. 5)Received permission from the Prime Ministerís Office, CBEC, CBDT, Ministry of Agriculture, DGEP and the Ministry of Commerce to inspect the files. 6)Inspected the files in CBDT 7)In the process of inspecting somewhere around 2200 files in the Commerce Ministry for past 6 months and continue till all the necessary information is obtained.





Use RTI to improve functioning of PWD with respect to roads in Delhi. 1)Start work on roads that have been approved but no work has started 2)Inspection of roads, sample of the material used by involving Civil Engineering students/faculty in Delhi Colleges 3)Identify cases of corruption 4)Identify systemic causes and loopholes that enable corruption to thrive 5)Through research and experience advocate reforms Use RTI in Special Economic Zones 1)Research as to how did this idea came about, what are the economical, environmental and sociological implications of SEZ on the society 2)Understand the decision-making process of the government in approving of SEZ, selection of a SEZ site etc. 3)Verifying the claims in the media of the government with regards to benefit v/s cost is in tune with those identified by the officials 4)Verify that the policies of the government were followed in the SEZ approval process



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