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  project name ~ Aranyika Core Support - 2007

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


Aranyika Core Support - 2007






Community Empowerment






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 248000


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Srinivas Krovvidy


College Park





Tabelugummi Checkdam Water Usr Association Meeting attended by Aranyika volunteers along with govt officials including project officer and engineers





The main objective of this project is to continue AIDs ongoing support for Aranyikas activities. AID has been involved with Aranyika for six years. During these years Aranyika has been able to support a small team to volunteers who have been working with villagers from 14 different villages in G. Madugula mandal. These activities include (i) Repairing the Tabelugummi check dam, (ii) Stregthening Water User Association, (iii) Training local Panchyat leaders in microplanning through Panchayat Raj workshops and (iv) Completing the drinking water and sanitation projects in eight of the fourteen villages including faciliation of Drinking Water User Associations

With this project Aranyika would like to build on these activities and work towards strengthening civic bodies, youth associations, Water User Association and Drining water User Association. The project will also start a women cell in Paderu. The project also aims at exploring opportunities to use RTI Act so that villagers are informed of various activities underway in that area. This will help them in participating effectively in local development planning initiatives. The project is expected to continue for two to three years with an understanding that there will be an annual report documenting the progress of these activities at the end of each year.





Flood Relief Mobilized WUA members and farmers and made them realize the importance of them taking active part in the efforts to get the government support for the repair works of the Tabelugummi Check-Dam. Facilitated meetings between farmers and ITDA officials especially with the Project Officer and Sub Collector. ITDA sanctioned Rs.18 lakhs for the repair works Facilitated to open joint accounts with the panchayathraj department [engineers] and WUA sub committees. Organized training programs not only to the WUA members but also the farmers in the area regarding WUA act. Repair work is going on. Health Aranyika, through its Jeevam project worked with stimulated volunteers at Community Health Center in Paderu. With World Bank’s support has expanded an existing hospital to cater to the needs of tribal villagers from Paderu area. The hospital has many facilities including surgery room and over 50 inpatient beds. Aranyika was successful in placing local tribal boys and girls as volunteers at the hospital. Currently there are about 10 young people (3 girls, 8 boys) who are volunteering at the community health center. Aranyika belives that this is a step towards reaching the goal of enabling local community not only to manage but also to own public health services. Irrigation Aranyika was successful in developing a plan to complete the left channel of the Tabelugummi Gedda Check Dam. Tabelugummi gedda is a perennial stream flowing by the side of Bandaveedhi village. A total of about Rs. 42 lakhs has been spent by the Govt to benefit about 625.50 acres. The government was able to complete only the main, central and right channels. Aranyika is working closely with villagers from the adjacent villages and coordinating the following steps. Education Aranyika has also started 10 functional educational schools for girls between the ages of 12-18.





The goals of the current project include strengthening of civic bodies by sensitization to gender and class discrimination, training in leadership qualities and setting up a women''s desk for tribal girls and women. The goals of the Youth Association includes orgainizing libraries, encouraging v olunteers to help with the Panchayat work, shram dam camps for improving sanitation, collection of taxes and mobilizing public donations and help in preparation of project proposal. The goals of the water user association includes creation of the Tabelugummi Resource Center, development of maps and details of the area, development of rules governing water distribution, repairs and routine maintenance of water resources and keeping appropriate accounting and documentation. The goals of the women''s desk include arrangin periodic counseling sessions to the girl students and women, promoting mandal wise women leaders including training, legal advice and support and medical/health guidance/advice/support.



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