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  project name ~ Flood Relief in Khagaria, Bihar

category ~ Relief and Rehabilitation




  Project Name


Flood Relief in Khagaria, Bihar



Asha Ashram



Relief and Rehabilitation







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Executive Board





Flood Situation in Eknia, Khagaria in Summer 2007





Basis idea of this project was to provide Immediate help to the people suffering from flood in Khagaria district with local technical help. Extensive visual documentation of flood is available at http://www.localgovernance.org/flood07photos2.html .

Which shows Photos on 15-09-2007 taken by Vivek Umrao in Khagaria District Head Quarter and neighbouring
areas (flood was started on first week of August 2007). To understand the remoteness of this area, district head quarter is about 10 Kms from the
River Koshi but flooding happened about 70-80 Kms from the district head quarter of Khagaria.





We are writing about work already performed as the relief work still continues and will be continuing for next few months. We have been running 11 medical camps for Flood Suffered People in different areas of Khagaria Region (most suffered region in Flood). NAME of PLACE POPULATION COVERED by CAMPS Bhadas 50,000 Marar 40,000 Rasok 25,000 Amni 10,000 Saidpur 30,000 Mansi 50,000 Balha 50,000 Malpa 25,000 Pipra 50,000 Paura 70,000 Sonmanki 40,000 TOTAL POPULATION, covered by medical CAMPS = 4,40,000 persons * We have visited about 25,000 Patients till now and still running these camps. Medicinal Cost for per patient varies from Rs 20 to Rs 100. (cost of these medical camps in Rs is about Rs. 10,00,000 till now) * One Community Hospital in Khagaria (Inaugurated on 15th of August 2007), average 300 to 500 Patients daily have been visiting hospital from the first day. Our hospital has 60 beds and we have served about 1000 patients here and are still serving. We are providing free Medical Treatments, food and shelters to each patient and one person with each patient in the hospital. Average cost of medical treatment of one patient in this hospital is from Rs 300 to Rs 1000. (medical cost in this hospital about Rs. 7,00,000 till now) * Out of these medical treatments we distributed primary medicines and vaccines as Anti-Cholera, Anti-Diarrhoea, Anti-Malaria, Anti-Influenza and others in Mansi, Khagaria, Mahesh Khunt, Parbatta, Gogri, Beldaur, Alauli and Chautham Blocks of Khagaria district and also in Bakhri area of Begusarai District, Bakhtiyarpur area of Saharsa District and Bithan area of Samastipur District. We have distributed these vaccines one by one in these areas or provided to local persons for distribution. We covered about 8,00,000 to 10,00,000 people under this phase of work. (medical cost is about Rs. 2,00,000) * We have one mobile unit of medical help. It moves village to village. (medical cost of this mobile unit is about Rs. 1,00,000) Till now we have spent about Rs. 20,00,000. Still we are working with people who are hit by this flood. Now as flood recedes we are finding more people who need help as they become accessible.





To provide immediate relief to people affected by flood in Khagaria Bihar.



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