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  project name ~ Shibu Nair Saathiship 4th year

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  Project Name


Shibu Nair Saathiship 4th year



Saathi Program










  Budget Approved


Rs 366000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Nirveek Bhattacharjee
Piyush Mehta


Johns Hopkins
Bay Area
San Diego










This is the 4th year for the Saathiship.





Shibu in his last year has been very actively involved in conservation projects, and continues to be associated with Thanal. Since 2003, he has been involved with the zero waste kovalam project, that aims at alternatives to incinerators and landfills, and generate livelihoods based on recycling and reusing the waste products. The idea is to setup small community based centers where waste is processed within the community. Some salient achievements during 06-07 1. Shibu hosted the Waste Not Asia conference in Thiruvananthapuram (Jan 14-18) 2. Initiated publication of a comprehensive handbook on waste management. 3. Successful in governement campaigns to bring about a ban on plastics below 30 micron. 4. President of India released the Action Plan for achieving "Waste Free Kerala", recognizing the initiatives of Zero Waste Kovalam and incorporating the zero waste ideas in the guidelines. 5. Zero Waste Kovalam has been recognized by the Kerala governement as the model project to be followed.





Continue working in the field and building partnerships with Govt departments and NGOs, creating awareness about zero waste. POA for 2008 1.Campaign:- Take the campaign against Waste To Energy out of Kerala.Take Zreo Waste forward and explore new ideas to broaden the concept 2. Campaign against Dioxins have to be organised with experts from outside India. 3.Building Capacities:- Organising training and skill share workshop on Zero Waste to build capacities in volunteers selected from grassroot organisations across India to create a network of zero waste campaigners. 4. Networking:- Exploring interested individuals and organisations across the Country to form a network to discuss waste and related issues and to promote Zero Waste. 5.Publications:- Preparation of campaign materials/posters/ video spots and dossiers for the campaign. 6. Strengthening the Zero Waste Centre programmes. 7. Continue campaigns against plastic.



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