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  project name ~ AID India RTI Implementation - Bihar

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


AID India RTI Implementation - Bihar



AID India



Right To Information (RTI)







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Rs 151600


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  Chapter Coordinators


Somu Kumar


Anti Corruption Team









AID RTI Bihar project aims to coordinate all RTI activism in Bihar at district, block, circle and panchayat levels in all districts of Bihar. There are thousands of people who are using RTI all over Bihar but at best their efforts are at individual levels and fruits of their experiences and efforts are not benefiting others. For this purpose an RTI Manch, Bihar was established in July wherein all membership is being organized district-wise resulting in formation of district RTI coordination committee which would in turn coordinate work at block, circle and panchayat level. Its aim will be to encourage and nurture RTI activism at these levels so that effort of this kind will spread out laterally as well as above and below, training people to use RTI as a means to redress the problems of their daily lives- and help them to become more self- reliant and confident. Trainings –workshops will be held in the communities where these people live by there own fellow-block/circle/panchayat/village inhabitant.





1. RTI awareness among masses and organizations are currently done with fair success by holding a full-time training-cum- RTI clinic in a backward rural area of Patna district- Kurthaul since June 2007 and one in Patna for monitoring of services being provided to patients in PMCH. 2. A number of workshops, seminars and campaigns on the issue of Right to Information. Manch has also spread awareness of this core issue and more by means of printing of many types of pamphlets and booklets. 3. A program had also been undertaken to create awareness among schoolchildren against corruption and communalism. 4. At the moment Manch is advocating awareness of RTI by using it for improvement of facilities for the patients coming into Patna Medical College Hospital, which is at the moment deplorable. 5. All above programmes are also running in tandem with establishment of Bihar RTI Manch for making public authority and State Information Commission of Bihar more sensitive and responsive towards RTI Act and towards people using RTI Act.





1. Popularize RTI on a large scale by means of holding workshops and training camps regularly. 2. Work with individuals as well as organisations to equip their membership to file and follow-up on RTI application. 3. Assist community struggles against large-scale exploitation of masses by strategic use of the RTI Act. 4. Using the media profusely as a means to propagate awareness of the wide-ranging use of the RTI Act. 5. Networking at the state level to increase awareness of the RTI Act. 6. Coordinating with the National Campaign. 7. Tracking, reporting and taking action on the implementation of Right to Information.



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