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  project name ~ Industrial Training Center

category ~ Livelihood Generation




  Project Name


Industrial Training Center



AID India



Livelihood Generation







  Budget Approved


$ 10000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Vijay Manghnani











The Mohana block of Gajapati district is one of the most remote, inaccessible tribal areas of the state. It has recently been in news for spread of Cholera, which started from Kashipur and Dasmantpur blocks of neighboring Raygada district. Low income and low education are the two most important causes of sufferings of the people in this Block. Since AID believes in long-term action, it is proposed to set-up an Industrial Training Center (ITC) in the self-financing mode in this area to not only create direct educational opportunity for the youth to create employment, but also use this as a base to conduct short-term training, skill up gradation, awareness creation etc. in the surrounding area.










An ITC will be set up that will function as an extension center of the AID Rural Technology Resource Center currently functioning in Gosani block. It is proposed to offer four trades to start with: 1. Electrician 2. Fitter 3. Welding 4. Mechanic JITM has recently launched an ITC in Paralakhemundi, which has been a great success and also demonstrated the need to have more opportunity for such training, as there is a lot of demand. Currently the state government is promoting it is in each of the 314 blocks of Orissa in the Private Public Partnership mode. There are still 129 blocks where there are no ITIs, while most of them are concentrated in urban centers. We will initially take 30 trainees per trade. Once the center is functional it will be expanded to cater to other trades such as tailoring, fruit processing and preservation, bamboo and cane work etc.



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