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  project name ~ Fax server for Bhopal cause

category ~ Peoples Rights




  Project Name


Fax server for Bhopal cause



The Other Media



Peoples Rights



New Delhi




  Budget Approved


$ 2051


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sridhar Rajam











The proposal is to develop an online petition system that will allow remote users to send faxes to the target at the mere click of a button. The least expensive of these systems involves setting up a database that will receive the personal details, a front-end where supporters can read the background note, the petition and fill out personal details required for a valid fax petition.










Petitions to Government officials, elected officials, and to corporate heads, from time to time, are an important pressure-building tool if used in conjunction with a well-thought out and timed ground-level action on people’s issues, grievances and struggles for justice. While, email petitions have gained wide currency, hand-written mailed petitions or telegrams tend to have a stronger impact as they cannot be ignored, and have to be registered in the inward registers of the public authority or private party that is the target of pressure. All endorsed petitions will be stored in a database hosted on a server in our office in Chennai. The petitions will be sent as fax blasts with each petition sent as a separate page. So if 1000 people sign onto a one-page fax, 1000 faxes will be sent to the target.



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