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  project name ~ core support for shaii 2008

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core support for shaii 2008



Stop HIV/AIDS In India Initiative (SHAII)



Health Care - Adult



All India




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$ 15000


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Vedavyas Duggirala


College Park





GAA and AID Rally in Washington DC





In a short span of less than two years, SHAII has made tremedous contributions on vvarious issues. SHAIIs advocacy and awareness campaigns not only helped in generating a large number of volunteers in USA, its efforts also helped in galvanizing various groups working on AIDS in India together.
Advocacy efforts of SHAII include challenging international policies (U.S, multi-lateral institutions and international funding agencies) and Indian policies that have impact on health care, and HIV/AIDS in India. SHAII organized a Rally for Health at the Indian Embassy to protest an Indian Patent policy that sought to reduce access to affordable generic drugs.
In collaboration with other health advocacy groups, SHAII led a global campaign to oppose the Indian Patents Act Amendment. SHAII worked hard to inform the international community of the adverse effects that the Patents Amendment would have on people living with HIV/AIDS. As a result of SHAII’s mobilization of imposing international partnerships and grassroots organizations, SHAII’s campaign was successful in convincing the Indian government to repeal the amendments





SHAII worked extensively to bring attention to pediatric guidelines and medicines in India. SHAII has specifically achieved considerable success by strategically focusing on analyzing the issues, informing the media and policymakers, catalyzing diverse coalitions, mobilizing activists in the U.S., and supporting the Indian grassroots movement. Over the past year, SHAII played a critical role in securing positive changes to the proposed amendments to the Indian Patents Act that would have seriously undermined the production of generic AIDS medicines. In addition, SHAII’s campaign for children living with HIV/AIDS has been instrumental in securing the Indian government’s public commitment to provide pediatric formulations through its treatment programs. SHAII has established strong relationships with key stakeholders working on issues related to HIV/AIDS and access to health care, including the Global AIDS Alliance, Health GAP, Students Global AIDS Campaign, Lawyers Collective, American Medical Students Association, OXFAM, Global Action for Children, and People’s Health Movement.





The Stop HIV/AIDS in India Initiative (SHAII) is committed to bringing together groups and individuals to coordinate Indian and international advocacy efforts to build and promote a holistic response to the HIV/AIDS pandemics in India. SHAII especially focuses on galvanizing support from non-resident Indians (NRIs) to influence Indian and international policies. The overall goal of the Stop HIV/AIDS in India Initiative (SHAII) is to conduct directed advocacy at the international level to address the urgency of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in India. SHAII stresses community-based approach and strengthening of basic health care to address HIV/AIDS. The overall goals include: · Increase resources from the U.S. and other G8 countries as well as increase the effectiveness of those resources · Provide international advocacy support to Indian advocacy on developing and implementing a comprehensive national policy in India to protect OVC, creating a holistic approach for the care of OVC, and obtaining universal access to healthcare for all OVC including an elimination of user fees and increased access to medicine · Influence the international advocacy on OVC based on the in-country advocacy needs



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