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  project name ~ Biogas-VMT

category ~ Rural Development and Environment




  Project Name





VMT (Venu Madhuri Trust)



Rural Development and Environment







  Budget Approved


Rs 174995


  Year Approved







1   2   3     

  Chapter Coordinators


Dushyant Sethi
Nitin Paradkar
Sivasankari Krishnanji
Vijay Loganathan


College Park










VMT is planning to install 75 Gobargas units in Ramanwadi and surrounding 3 villages. Each family will be supplied with fuel efficient stove.

These stoves will be manufactured locally after a scientific training to local person adding more work for hands locally on regular basis.

There are many examples of programs elsewhere where Gobargas digesters have been installed and later abandoned.

The selection of families is based on the number of cattle that they own.

VMT will employ one full-time field worker to visit the digesters on a regular basis.

Families will work with mason and will provide both money(500 Rs) as well as unskilled labor for the construction of their digester.

For those who do not have access to Gobargas digesters, health safe and fuel efficient cook stoves will be provided.

Also ongoing tree plantation program will fulfill some need of fuel wood, timber for furniture and other uses, and fodder for cattle

* Depending upon the funding limit of the willing AID-Chapter the proposal can be reworked by decreasing the Gobargas units.





Project is funded for 10 units. VMT was able to get additional discount of 3500 from Ministry of New and Renewable energy. The ZP (zhilaa Parikshad) gave additonal discount. The total unit supported are 18 with the additional discount.





The Goal of VMT is to Install 75 Gobargas units in Ramanvadi and near by vilages. The tme frame for this project is 2 to 2.5 years. It also plans to work on installing of 150 fuel efficient wood stoves.



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