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  project name ~ Gothikoya Relief

category ~ Relief and Rehabilitation




  Project Name


Gothikoya Relief



ASDS - Agricultural and Social Development So..



Relief and Rehabilitation






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 1050000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Somu Kumar
Aparna Limaye
Executive Board


College Park
Executive Board









Fleeing violence erupting between Maoist and Salva Judum groups in Chattisgarh, more than 45,000 forest dweeling advisasis have left the state and some are living in the neighboring forests of Khammam, in Andhra Pradesh. These villagers have been struggling for survival and are getting no support from any government.





Yet to come for the current project.





By June ''''''''08 - expect to provide labor work for the displaced; starting with a relief proposal for 3 months, during which time all the organizations - ASDS, Action AID, APVVU will get a better understanding of the situation. Next Phase - Some relief component will remain but will add a better plan for advocacy and rehabilitation for the communities. Work to establish a policy and ensure it is enforced to provide guidelines for where these displaced communities shall live.



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