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  project name ~ Development of Awareness material on Disability

category ~ Education - Child




  Project Name


Development of Awareness material on Disability






Education - Child






Madhya Pradesh

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Sathya Gopalakrishnan












Arushi - meaning "the first ray of sun"- strives to integrate people with disabilities into the mainstream of society. Arushi believes that ‘development’ and consequently ‘empowerment’ cannot take place without people’s participation in the entire process. Arushi has therefore been an ardent advocate of the inclusive approach as it empowers persons with disability. Since these efforts are relatively recent, massive awareness is required at all levels. School authorities, teachers and even the community are often averse to the idea of teaching disabled children with other children in regular school. Development of quality Information education and communication (IEC) material on the theme of inclusive education would go a long way in generating awareness amongst the stakeholders and dispelling myths and misconceptions prevailing in the society. In view of this efforts are being made through Arushi to develop appropriate IEC material to generate awareness on inclusive education.





• Over 2000 children with disabilities placed in regular schools with backup support under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. • Inclusion of information on different aspect of disability, targeting teachers, students and parents (Nine Pages) one page each in all the text books (6.5 crore text books) published by M. P. Text book corporation. • Computer and Braille literacy to visually impaired students studying in regular schools. • Preparation of self learning material on disability issues for 2.5 lac teachers of the state. • Preparation of video CD for teaching Hindi & English Braille to teachers and parents. • Preparation of video CD for teaching Sign Language to teachers and parents. • Video CD on Inclusive Education. • Generating awareness on inclusion in the community through films, posters and awareness programs for various stakeholders.





This project aims to achieve: 1. Awareness generation on inclusive education in the community. 2. Positive attitude in the community regarding people with disabilities and their potentials. 3. Increased integration of children with disabilities in conventional schools in the long run.



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