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  project name ~ Proposal to support health activism in Uranium mining area of Jadugoda

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


Proposal to support health activism in Uranium mining area of Jadugoda






Community Empowerment







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Rs 400000


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College Park









Given terrible health experience of locals in Jharkhand, JOAR has decided to expand its work in the area of health rights to include basic health conditions which are prevalent amongst the population it serves, even if these health conditions do not arise directly out of exposure to mining activity. With the experience gained by conducting the recent survey, JOAR feels that it has the requisite expertise for conducting another project along similar lines, albeit with a slightly different focus. Moreover, a basic health activism project reaching out to the same people who have been surveyed recently will help cement JOARs relationships with these communities in the area of public health. This work will complement JOARs other work on health issues related to radiation, and help the local people place that issue in a wider context of basic health rights.





Documentaries based on topic have been featured on international stage and have received awards. A study on indigenous people living in villages around Jadugoda uranium mines in East Singhbhum district of India was conducted by Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) with the objective to find out their health status in respect to selected health variables. We found that specific health problems were observed disproportionately in the study villages as compared to reference villages. These include fertility related issues like infertility, still birth, abortion & birth with congenital deformities, congenital deformity as cause of death in children, chronic lung diseases, cancer as cause of death and life expectancy. Our film Buru Garra has been selected in black internation film festival, germany http://www.black-international-cinema.com/BIC08/html/bic_08.htm





Finally, as a people''s movement, JOAR feels it has a responsibility to work on issues that that local population deem to be very important and for which JOAR has significant intellectual and people based resources. The proposal envisions three basic aspects: Health Education : local health meetings and information sessions to spread education and awareness in the areas on the following diseases which are widely prevalent: malaria, tuberculosis, filaria, silicosis, hydrocele and thalassemia. This part will be used to build a mass base of aware residents in the area. Public Health Campaign : After there has been significant acceptance of the health education program of JOAR in the community, and people are sufficiently aware their entitlements and needs, JOAR plans to launch a campaign to demand a functional public health program in the area to address their local needs. Direct assistance to some families: This will be a small part of the over all project, but JOAR also plans to facilitate direct medical assistance to some families in the area which are facing hardships due to one of the diseases mentioned above (malaria, tuberculosis, filarial, silicosis, hydrocele and thalassemia). This will be done in conjunction with local medical groups, who can set up one-time camps for treatment of some cases, or set up a regular program for chronic illnesses such as thalassemia which require periodic blood infusions.



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