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  project name ~ Nisarga_NREGA_Visakha

category ~ Rural Development and Environment




  Project Name





Nisarga Trust



Rural Development and Environment






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 308000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Narayan Vaidyanathan


Bay Area





People working on Bunding as part of the Employment Guarantee Scheme





This project is aimed at facilitating NREGA implementation in Visakha and Srikakulam districts of AP. The NREG Act guarantees 100 day minimum work in one year for every family who registers in this program. The men and women will get equal wages. The work will be give within 15 days of demand, if not they will get un-employment allowance. The persons who are getting employment will get at least the minimum wages under Minimum wages act of 1948. This particular project will ensure that there is demand for work by getting local people - to apply proper application for job cards, to participate in identifying work, getting unemployment allowance and other special benefits such as disabled and pregnant women





Activty is set to begin in April,2008. Nisarga has had prior success in NREGA implemnatation in Chithoor district and are hoping to build on it in Visakha district. this space will be updated as and when there is an update from volunteers on the ground.





This proposed program has three main objectives to intervention in implementation of NREGP. A. Motivating rural student youth who are coming from villages to Mandal headquarters to study in junior and degree colleagues. B. A public awareness program on critical issues in the NREGP through street theater and documentary films. C. Direct intervention in selected villages through youth volunteers.



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