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  project name ~ Eureka Shikshan Abhiyan

category ~ Education - Child




  Project Name


Eureka Shikshan Abhiyan



AID India



Education - Child







  Budget Approved


Rs 290000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sunitha Gorty


College Park









In leadership of Dharmendar ji, who worked with AID during Hundred Block Program in Patna, AID India has started an education program in Nagla Kinjer, Arawal in Bihar. Due to the cheap communications, government banking and renewable energy technologies, Dharmendar ji was able to start working in his native village. The project proposal is to support the education initiative.

A presentation on the project can be found @ http://docs.aidindia.org/intranet/Documents/Bihar-education-2008-priya.pdf





The program has been running on and off for 5 months. There are 3 groups that come daily - one in the morning and two in the evening. children in the community are very excited to participate. 5-10 new kids come to the center everyday to join. A report from Dharmendar ji can be found here: http://aidindia.org/main/content/view/560/198/





-- to get children interested in education -- supporting the kids by providing solar lamps -- building community learning centers



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