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  project name ~ RTI Campaign in UP and Bihar-phase2

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


RTI Campaign in UP and Bihar-phase2



Asha Parivar



Right To Information (RTI)






Uttar Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 360000


  Year Approved







1   2   3  

  Chapter Coordinators


Anirban Hazra






-A camp is held at Varanasi municipal offices every Thursday for last 48 weeks.

More pictures at: http://gallery.aidindia.org/gallery/gallery2/v/RTI/UP+and+Bihar/





This is renewal proposal for "RTI Campaign UP and Bihar". Project ID: 387

All the files including the proposal, budget and progress reports are on the original project page: http://www.aidprojects.org/project-files.asp?pid=574&all=0&login=&myprj=1&stxt=&sgrp=&pg=





1) Public Information Officers appointed in many districts of UP and a couple of blocks in Bihar 2) Almost all blocks and districts covered now have a regular RTI camp held two to four times a month 3) Up to 80% workers now have at least 50 days work and full Rs 100 a day wages under NREGA in Hardoi, UP as compared to 20% of workers receiving about 20 days work and partial wages at the time of Nov 2006 social audit. 4) Established NREGA committees in some blocks 5) Overall reduction in corruption as the government officials are under constant public scrutiny and complaints on any incident are regularly made to the high level officials such as District Magistrate. Many corrupt Block Development Officers seek to be transferred to another region.





1) Create an atmosphere for citizens to ask questions and file regular RTI applications for individual needs in about 15 districts of UP and Bihar 2) Encourage citizens and RTI Fellows to file RTI applications for social causes such as accounts of public expenditure 3) Audit the obtained information and highlight the discrepancies and corruption to build pressure on local administrations 4) Improve delivery of government services such as PDS, mid-day meal, Public health centers and NREGA.



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