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  project name ~ Education Summer Camp year iii

category ~ Education - Child




  Project Name


Education Summer Camp year iii



PrayasLok Shikshan Sansthan



Education - Child







  Budget Approved


Rs 142160


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Neetu Jain
Ashish Bhutada


College Station










Villages of Rajasthan have so many children that drop out of schools during high school education due to parental pressure on "earning", poor quality of education in local village schools, lack of motivation to finish school. Surrounding these villages, there are several residential government schools, that offer much better quality education, which is free. Even the residential facilities are free.

The problem in Bhadesar area is educational backwardness, owing to that people fall prey to land lords and end up being bonded labors and leading a miserable life. So in summary the idea is to make the the kids of that areato prevent the drop outs from schools after primary education of kids. To sensitize them about education, its importance, to help them make sue of all the free facilities available for them, to make them strong to stand up for their right sand injustice

Hence Summer camp will act as a "Transition Period" and help kids get over homesickness
LSS-Prayas will provide "Social Education" to eliminate the inferiority complex among gramin dalit children
LSS-Prayas will reinforce the value of education through motivation from peers and successful graduates from the community
Constant, proactive follow-up with Govt. school & hostel will ensure quality education and friendly, encouraging environment

One of this camp volunteers stated that no -- underprivileged class person who is a 12th class pass out is unemployed. The government is supportive and has special reservations for them-they just have to clear some roadblocks-- where this project helps them.

Thus, there are opportunities, which are not being used. Children who tried to go to these hostels, returned home due to homesickness and lack of facilities in the hostels. The camp will sort of act as a induction training for those kids who will get a feel for living away from home for the first time and help in making them understand how education can solve many problems. the camp also aims to help them master the subjects which they studies in previous classes so that when they go to the residential schools they are able to cope up with the standards of education there.





AID Austin started working with LSS & Prayaas on a 3-year project. We saw great success in first 2 years and now the project is up for funding request for 3rd year. Before this project, only 1 out of 27 children that went to Govt. residential schools stayed there. Remaining 26 returned within 1st week. During 1st year of the project 50 out of 59 children that went to Govt. residential schools, are continuing the education (85% retention). in 2007 43 out of 73 where admitted to free govt residential schools other achievements have been --better quality of life in hostels, wardens more attentive now , more awareneess about these free facilities in the villages , more students motivated and committed to study , general awareness about how to fight injustice among kids e,t,c





The "Education Summer Camp" project conducted by LSS & Prayaas aims to motivate and enable these children to obtain high school education by following approach. * Summer camp to act as a “stepping stone” and help kids get over homesickness * Provide “Social Education” to eliminate the inferiority complex among gramin dalits * Reinforce the value of education through motivation from peers, successful graduates * Constant, proactive follow-up with Govt. school & hostel to ensure quality environment



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